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10 Gifts Your Bridesmaids & Maid-of-Honor Actually Want

8. Jackets & Shawls

I, Claire Eliza, am your always-cold-best-friend. And let me tell you, I get excited when I see a complimentary blanket or shawl while dining al-fresco or as a wedding favor. Even mid-summer it can get chilly late at night so treat your girls to some cozy warmth that can then be part of their home decor or wardrobe.

9. A “Plus-One”

If your wedding guest list is a strict, small one, I get it. But if there’s any room at all for plus-ones, your bridal party deserves them. If your girls are helping out with any wedding celebrations, bachelorette parties or just standing beside you on your day, it would be a lovely gift to let them have a date to the occasion. Yes, even if you don’t know the person they’re bringing.

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