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10 Tips to Planning Your Wedding Music

4. Live band

Maybe you want live music, and that’s great too! From a funk band to a classical string quartet, live music can capture every mood across the spectrum. Do your research and find an ensemble that fits the style you’re going for as well as the covid guidelines in your area. We recommend creating a playlist of any specific songs you’d really like them to play. Often, groups know popular songs or are willing to make arrangements to accommodate your taste. Don’t be afraid to ask!

5. Craft Your Playlists

You get to be the mastermind of your day. Create a playlist for getting ready with your besties to alleviate any pre-wedding nerves. Or, create a playlist of happy music to play while guests are arriving. By making your own playlists, you not only avoid having to deal with any sort of “do not play” songs, but you also get to personalize your entire day.

My Wedding Songs is a huge help to compile the best music for each moment of your wedding day, with great resources like their Hottest 50 Wedding Songs picks. Lists like these get updated at the beginning of each month to include the freshest new songs to keep you feeling inspired.

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