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After the pregnancy has been confirmed by a doctor, the woman receives the mother-child pass

After the pregnancy has been confirmed by a doctor, the woman receives the mother-child pass

Sometime in the so-called 2nd week of pregnancy (2nd week of pregnancy), So in the second week after the last menstrual period, the egg cell is fertilized by a sperm cell. The process of penetration of the sperm into the egg takes between 20 and 30 minutes. In the following 12 hours, the cell nuclei of the egg cell and sperm will fuse together. Now one speaks of a zygote (fertilized egg cell). The zygote will migrate to the uterus over the next few days, where implantation will take place in the near future. On the way to the uterus, cells divide again and again, which occurs approximately every 12 hours.

The meeting of the egg cell and sperm (2nd week of pregnancy)

During sexual intercourse, about 350 million sperm flow out and start looking for the egg. However, only 1% of the sperm will arrive where the egg cell waits, namely in the fallopian tube. The path of the sperm to the egg cell takes about 10 hours. Incidentally, sperm can survive longer than egg cells. While the egg can only survive for a day or two, sperm can survive for between two and five days. Proper time management is therefore necessary if you want to get pregnant!

Girl or boy? (2nd week of pregnancy)

There is no silver bullet for influencing the baby’s gender. If one follows the theses of Dr. Landrum B. Shettles may believe that there are differences between female and male sperm in terms of their constitution. According to this, female sperm are slower but can survive longer and male sperm are faster, but not able to survive as long. So it could be that intercourse a few days before ovulation increases the likelihood of a girl, while intercourse gives hope for a boy pretty much at the time of ovulation. However, like all the other “methods”, these theories are not confirmed.

It has only been proven that the sperm determines the sex, precisely through the transmission of the x or y chromosome. So let yourself be surprised!

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