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30 Best Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby

Easter is coming right up, so it’s time to get cracking (egg pun intended) if you’re thinking about doing Baby’s First Easter Basket.

The only things your little lamb probably needs are a bulk box of wipes, a bunny ears headband from the dollar store and some plastic eggs filled with puffs, but you can bet Grandma’s already hopping off to fill baby a basket. Before Grandpa starts sneaking Junior Cadbury Cream Eggs in the shadow of a Toyota-sized rabbit, why not send the family on an Easter gift hunt for items baby (and you) will really love?

Baby’s First Easter Basket Ideas:

hip hop easter onesie for a baby

Hip hop onesie

Here’s a hopping graphic onesie idea for baby from Etsy. There are a handful of designs from different sellers that will speak to just about anyone’s inner ’90s hip hop fiend.

Hatching Duck Bath Toy

When the egg is filled with water, the little duck slowly pops up. Water squirts out of its mouth when you push it back in. Pick the egg up and water sprinkles out of the bottom. You can it here.

That’s all my baby Easter basket ideas

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Now that baby’s basket is brimming with bounty, they’ll definitely know the most important thing this holiday week – Somebunny loves them. Now excuse me while I finish this bulk bag of mini-eggs and pin all things Peter Rabbit.

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