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35th week of pregnancy –

The 35th week of pregnancy (35th week of pregnancy) in detail

Baby’s Development and Immune System

Your baby is now in the 35th week of pregnancy already very well developed. For your peace of mind, should your offspring decide to be born a little earlier, they will probably do so in a completely healthy state. Lung development is now complete and your child’s lungs are functional from now on. In the 35th week of pregnancy your little one measures an average of 45 centimeters, the weight is well over 2 kilograms. Baby is now busy collecting “fat reserves”, so it becomes rounder and, with the fat deposits, ensures that it can successfully master temperature equalization after birth. The hearing is now also fully developed. So, if you aren’t already doing so, you can chat with your baby and tell him stories.

Your child’s immune system works from the 35 weeks regardless of your immune system – a very important development in the baby. However, your baby will still need some time after the birth to build up enough antibodies. The immune system goes through a kind of training phase until it functions well.

Pelvic floor training

The pressure on your bladder and the pelvic floor area is now getting stronger. It is easy to lose a drop or two of urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh. You can already “train” a bit against it by trying to briefly stop the urine stream while urinating. This exercise is also good as a “dry exercise” for strengthening the pelvic floor. After pregnancy, you can do a wide variety of exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor area again and thus avoid discomfort. Usually such a course is already offered in the maternity hospital. You can get an overview of the possible exercises here and then do them at home or attend a postnatal training course or something similar after the birth.

You’re probably pretty exhausted by now. No wonder, you only have 5-6 weeks left with a baby bump and are now 34 weeks pregnant. Your stomach is now quite big and every effort leaves you out of breath and often gives you a feeling of tiredness. All of this is normal at this stage of pregnancy. However, keep an eye on your iron levels or any signs of a deficiency. If you are constantly tired, you should ask your doctor or health care professional. Too much tiredness can indicate anemia (anemia).

From now on, long car journeys will also be very tedious. When putting on the belt, make sure that the lower belt is placed over the pelvic bones under the stomach. The upper, diagonal strap should run across the stomach. Sitting is now usually a torture if it takes too long, as the blood flow to the pelvic area is greatly reduced when sitting. So if you can, avoid long drives.

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