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4 tips for a profitable home sale

Every owner willing to sell wishes that the sale of the house proceeds as swiftly and uncomplicated as possible. To fulfill this wish, however, the sale of the property must be planned and prepared in detail. Real estate professionals know which measures will accelerate home sales and help to achieve the optimal price.

The nightmare of every home seller is a lengthy sales process that ends up in a selling price below market value and costs not only the financial losses but also a lot of time. But this undesirable scenario can easily become a reality if home-selling is “blue-eyed” and tackled according to the motto “It can not be that hard”.

These 5 tips guarantee a quick and profitable home sale:

Tip 1: Contact a good real estate agent

A good real estate agent will assist you with advice and assistance. He has many years of experience and the necessary know-how to optimally market your property. Be sure to check his references and background beforehand. The broker should be well versed in your area and on the local real estate market.

Tip 2: Start with the right price

A reasonable offer price is crucial for successful home sales. The price at which you offer your house for the first time determines the further course. Too high a price usually deters those interested. If the price is then gradually lowered, your object appears as a “problem property” or “storekeeper”. A low price, on the other hand, can increase demand and enable a bidding process. So a higher price can be achieved. A professional lawyer finds the optimal approach through his expert knowledge, sound market analysis and many years of experience.

Tip 3: clear out and decorate

If the offered property rather resembles a lumber-room than a pretty home, potential buyers turn back on the heels. That’s why it should be thoroughly cleaned out. The decor and decoration should be as neutral, comfortable and spacious as possible. If a house visit is in front of the door, it is advisable to remove all photos and private items. In this way, the interested party can make their own image of your property and better imagine how his furniture and family photos could work in these four walls.

Tip 4: Leave the house during the visit

Sounds weird at first, but it actually makes a difference whether you are present at the viewing. Most prospective buyers have inhibitions in the presence of sellers to ask specific questions and to express openly what impression the property makes on them. Open words – also about possible weaknesses of the object – but ensure clear conditions and successful negotiations. Therefore, leave this job to a real estate professional, so that in the end you only have to sign the perfect sales contract.

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