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5 Totally different Varieties of Plumeria (Photographs)


Most plumerias are small decorative bushes or shrubs which might be grown in tropical climates. In the event you occur to be a gardener in a colder local weather, you possibly can develop this plant in a container and convey it inside when the times begin turning cooler.

These sweetly fragranced flowers can be found in numerous colours, however white is the most typical. They require full solar and like barely acidic soil. In addition they need to be in well-drained soil. Water them deeply and permit them to dry out between waterings.

Listed below are a few of our favourite plumeria.

Plumeria Obtusa

Plumeria obtusa

Plumeria obtusa grows as much as 25-feet tall. This selection won’t thrive with out about six hours of daylight day by day. This feature places on white flowers which have yellow throats. The flowers seem in clusters from spring till early fall. Darkish inexperienced slim leaves which might be obovate develop on this plant. The leaves could be as much as 8-inches lengthy. Whereas seldom placing on fruit when grown in dwelling gardens, this selection can have fruit as much as 5-inches lengthy.

Plumeria Rubra


The plumeria ruba grows as much as 25-feet tall. This plant that has a vase-shaped kind places on purple or pink five-petaled flowers in terminal clusters. When not in bloom, this small tree’s darkish inexperienced elliptical leaves could be as much as 10-inches lengthy are very enticing. This feature will hardly ever placed on seedpods which might be about 8-inches lengthy after it blooms. This feature doesn’t like moist roots, so you should definitely keep away from overwatering it.

Plumeria Stenophylla


Plumeria stenophylia is a shorter possibility on this plant because it seldom grows about 8-feet tall. Whereas this selection additionally has white flowers, the 5 petals are a lot narrower. It’s normally easy to see a pinwheel form. The narrower leaves on this selection are additionally a lot smaller and slimmer. Researchers have developed a dwarf model of this plant that seldom grows over 2-feet tall.

Plumeria Pudica


The plumeria pudica normally grows about 15-feet tall, however you possibly can prune it effortlessly. You’ll be able to select the scale that’s best for you, from 6-to-15 ft. The leaves will keep on this selection all year long. This selection can survive a number of days down into the decrease 30s. The darkish inexperienced leaves are normally fiddle-shaped, however spoon-shaped leaves are attainable. The white petals on this selection overlap barely.

Plumeria Stenopetala


The plumeria stenopetala is likely one of the most aromatic choices out there. This plant places on broadly spaced, slim white petals, and every flower has a yellow throat. The flowers can have an 8-inch diameter. This feature normally solely reaches about 5-feet tall, and it has a sturdy weeping form. You’ll be able to prune this selection to be an upright plant or put it in a dangling basket.

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