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5 reasons that speak for it

Oak continues to be the favorite wood of Germans when it comes to furnishings. The Oak kitchen will remain the trend in 2021, albeit slightly modified: Instead of exclusively using light, cozy wood in the Scandinavian look are increasingly using kitchen manufacturers Oak wood fronts in dark tones. We deliver to you 5 reasonswho speak for kitchen planning with oak.

The preference for hardwood has long since penetrated the kitchen: in the form of Real wood or replicas, so-called decors or Optics. Why is an oak kitchen a good idea anyway?

# 1 Oak kitchen: multifaceted

Hardly any wood is like this multifaceted like the oak. The infinite variety of Grain gives the customer the choice: sometimes the wood comes elegant and therefore subtle, sometimes lively and rough. Not only the Tree neighbors in the forest decide on the grain. Also the earththat the oak grows on affects the Structure of the wood: those contained in the earth Tannic acids determine the Color intensity. The high proportion of tannic acid also ensures that the oak looks excellent to smoke leaves. This method gives the wood that tint that it would otherwise take on over time from exposure to air and light.

Your characteristic, living surface the oak gets through her large pores: This is how exciting Light and shadow effectswhich increase in intensity over the years.

Oak kitchen

# 2 Oak kitchen: sustainable

Despite the great popularity of oak, the annual logging just about 2.5 percent of the total volume from: According to the Federal Statistical Office, 68.2 million cubic meters of woodthat were hit in 2019 only 1740 cubic meters of oak wood.

But this says little about the importance of oak for furniture construction, says Andreas Ruf, managing director of the initiative Pro solid wood: Basically that Coniferous wood felling significantly higher than the felling of hardwood, there the Need for conifers for the Construction and paper industries is well above the needs of the furniture industry. If you consider that also coniferous species like Spruce, pine or fir Often used for kitchen furniture, oak is still a good choice in terms of sustainability.

What looks like solid real wood is actually a chipboard with a thin real wood coating: a compromise between real wood and reproduction. (Photo: Rotpunkt)

An exciting option are so-called Veneers: these are Wood-based materials such as chipboard or MDFthat with wafer-thin, real Oak coated will. Some manufacturers such as Rotpunkt Kitchens have such fronts in their range. Advantage: The valuable oak wood is used more sparingly, but the Look and feel of a solid wood front – at lower manufacturing costs. Disadvantage: The thin real wood layer is more sensitive than the solid wood variant and does not allow multiple sanding.

# 3 Oak kitchen: regional

Oak grows all over Germany from Bremen to Bad Tölz. It is not only firmly rooted in forests, but also romps around Meadows, pastures and fields. The last one National Forest Inventory 2013 made the oak round 11 percent of the wooded area in Germany. The oak has many different species: In addition to the native one Sessile and English oak The extremely rare and can also be found on German soil valuable bog oak or the one imported from the USA Red oak.

The oak grows for at least 120 years until it is ready to be felled for furniture construction.  This is followed by a drying time of 6-18 months.  (Photo: Adobe Stock / satori)
The oak grows for at least 120 years until it is ready to be felled for furniture construction. This is followed by a drying time of 6-18 months. (Photo: Adobe Stock / satori)

Another advantage: the large occurrence in our latitudes makes imports from abroad superfluous. This eliminates long transport routes – the CO2 balance thanks.

# 4 Oak kitchen: robust

Oak is solid wood as a rock. Oak wood is robust and durable and is particularly characterized by a high Abrasion resistance out. It is not for nothing that oak is also the wood of choice for weathered outdoor areas – yours Insensitivity makes them ideal for use in the kitchen.

But be careful: oak wood should not be mixed with metals like Iron or steel come into contact, as they sometimes occur in some types of cutlery. The reacts in combination with moisture Tannic acid often with a black in wood Discoloration. Solution: Stainless steel cutlery use.

Wine corks are also made from oak: especially from the bark of the cork oak that grows in Portugal.

Already knew?

# 5 Kitchen made of oak: versatile and timeless

Solid wood fronts can be grind and with one new paintwork or a special treatment such as smoking optically remodel. The whole kitchen does not have to be replaced if the room is to be renovated after a few years. Who is against solid oak and for a cheaper one Replica decides, is still well advised: The continued popularity the oak suggests that the wood will also cut a fine figure in the kitchen in the future.

Wooden kitchens in oak: manufacturer trends for 2021

The manufacturer Schüller likes to work in its premium kitchen line next125 high quality oak fronts. In 2021 the trend is increasingly towards the dark tones.

Next125 presents a dark variant of the oak front in its new products for 2021: “Oak elegant graphite gray” is the name of the new color. (Photo: next125)

Also Kitchen giant Häcker from Rödinghausen in East Westphalia is betting on the popular one for the new season Oak front, but also in dark variants such as “volcanic oak” or “smoked oak”.

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