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Anyone who works in the home office will sooner or later grapple with the question of the right office chair. You are often spoiled for choice, because most desk chairs are ergonomically correct but usually not exactly nice to look at. What do I have to consider when choosing my office chair for my home office? I’ll tell you my tips in the post.

Tip No. 1: Bright and modern office chair design for a nicer home office

This post contains advertising for Interstuhl. *

Heavy and black was yesterday: What you know as a classic desk chair from your employer in the office, you usually don’t want to have at home. I also tried out various office chairs and even a sitting ball ** for my workspace in the home office.

So the request from Interstuhl * was just right for me: The office chairs from the Pure Interior Editions series ** are not just a sophisticated system. With a white frame and modern upholstery colors, e.g. beige or taupe, it blends harmoniously into the home office.


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