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A Swedish wildflower wedding with a colorful, floral wedding dress


The Wedding Venue & Vibes

The wedding was really a celebration of the venue, Sweden and all our amazing friends and family. The venue itself was a true expression of the Swedish countryside, and we were able to hold the ceremony in the forest before making our way to the beautiful wooden barn for the reception.

We relied upon, and wanted to show off, all of our friends and family’s amazing skills and the end result was a very personal and collaborative wedding. From making our own wedding cake (Thea, the bride, is a baker) to the groom planning and stocking the bar (Henrik, is a sommelier). Or the mother of the bride and a family friend creating all the flower bouquets and decorations (many picked from another family friends farm) to the bridesmaids hand-sewing all the cloth napkins. Or having a close friend perform the ceremony, to having another school friend perform the music. The wedding of our dreams wouldn’t of been possible without all the amazing hard work from the people who love us most.


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