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Advantages and disadvantages of dark kitchen

Black is beautiful – even in the kitchen

For decades , dark colors stand for elegance and luxury . Be it the little black dress or the dark tuxedo for the evening party, the shimmering black lacquer of a noble grand piano or the serious business outfit, which of course is also worn in muted, dark shades. And luxury sedans of the upper class are offered for the greater part also in distinguished dark.

Dark furniture used to be too dark for small rooms. Today, even small kitchens are designed in black and gray, because you can make the room look bigger with various lighting.

In view of this, it is hardly surprising that the darker part of the color palette is now also becoming increasingly widespread in the design of interior spaces. After all, we also like to surround ourselves in the domestic four walls with elegant-looking objects. Of course, this also applies to the kitchen, which is no longer just a space for cooking, but is increasingly becoming the center of family life. As a result of these trends, dark kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. It is hardly surprising that Grau was chosen as the trend color in 2019.

What you should consider

For many years, dark kitchens were hardly used, mainly due to the fact that dark furniture often makes rooms look smaller than they actually are. In times when a simple ceiling light was often the only source of light, it was difficult to avoid this effect of the colors. In rooms that by nature have low daylight due to the window situation, dark kitchen furniture can quickly appear narrow, dark and unfriendly.

Meanwhile, the consumer has a variety of modern lighting solutions and lighting technologies available, with which one can avoid this effect. An ingenious lighting concept with indirect lighting and a few highlight spots are often enough to turn a dull, dark surface into an elegant ensemble that thrills the beholder. However, keep in mind that dark kitchens are most suitable for large and bright rooms. The brighter the room, the better the dark kitchens unfold their effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of dark kitchen

The biggest benefit of dark kitchens is certainly the special look that makes a real statement in terms of modern design. Owners of dark kitchens show that they set themselves apart from the mainstream and attach enormous importance to first-class design . Another, rather practical, advantage of dark kitchens is that they do not look as dirty as bright ones. For while a dried-up coffee splash on a white surface immediately catches the eye, it hardly stands out on a dark surface.

A disadvantage – especially in confined spaces – is that in order to cancel the effect of dark colors, parts of the lighting should often remain switched on during the day. This naturally results in higher electricity costs, which can be minimized to such an extent by effective and economical LED luminaires that they hardly affect their budget.

Design Tips

Dark kitchens, especially black ones, usually only develop their special charm through deliberately set highlights. With handles, faucets or individual front elements made of steel or aluminum, the kitchen gets a stylish industrial look in a jiffy , which impresses in particular by the material mix. With a worktop made of concrete or rough stone walls, the industrial appearance is perfectly implemented. On the other hand, if the accents are changed to copper, brass or even golden tones, this gives the room an extraordinary extravagance, which you can enhance even more by spotlighting the metal elements.

Of course, depending on your personal taste, you can also make individual surfaces, such as the back wall of the work surface, an eye-catcher in your kitchen with the help of bright colors. Either with colorful tiles, or with back walls made of glass, which, should you have seen enough of the color, much easier to exchange than tiles.

In combination with white, it is above all the strong contrasts that characterize the impression of a dark kitchen. For example, they can emphasize individual kitchen elements or structure the kitchen front. Mostly they are modern, minimalist kitchens, which are decorated with dark colors. But even the classic country house style does not necessarily have to be kept in light wood or terracotta tones. Even dark woods such as walnut create a cozy atmosphere,

All in all, dark kitchens offer a wide range of options to differentiate from the classic and often boring bright variety. Which color or style you choose depends entirely on your personal taste.

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