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The advantages of private health insurance are also of interest to pregnant women

Responsible people take precautions not only in times of crisis. Nobody knows how the pension and social security system will change over the next few decades. And yet our own health is our greatest asset. Therefore, Mr and Mrs Austrians take precautions in good time and are still fit and active in later years. This is made possible by perfect medical care and private health insurance. The advantages are obvious: Free choice of doctor, full reimbursement and preferential treatment for necessary hospital stays and especially during pregnancy and childbirth are only three points that policyholders can look forward to with immediate effect. With a private health insurance you simply feel completely safe, also and especially in the event of an accident or illness.

The range of services offered by private health insurance is convincing right away!

The range of services offered by private health insurance is well above the minimum level of statutory health insurances. Doctors and dentists in private practice always give preferential treatment to privately insured patients. No wonder, the private insurers also pay significantly higher rates to the doctors and thus guarantee the best treatment for their customers. Full reimbursement of costs for many interventions and the free choice of doctor simply make you feel good, because you want to be looked after by a specialist yourself whenever possible, especially with health issues and during childbirth. In the clinic, you can look forward to so-called “class rooms”, upscale furnishings, single rooms and the best possible care by the primary school himself always speak in favor of taking out private health insurance. The new family also enjoys a bit of privacy in the hours and days after their little darling saw the light of day.

What does private health insurance cost me?

Accommodation in a single room and treatment by the head physician in the hospital naturally cost significantly more than the statutory health insurance would cover. But especially the free choice of hospital convinces many women of private health insurance, because when it comes to their own health and that of the unborn child, they don’t want to save at the wrong end. However, in order to benefit from this preferred treatment in an emergency, it is important to take precautions early on. So if you no longer want to worry about finances in health issues in the future, you should take out private health insurance as soon as possible. Because the older the policyholder, the more exclusion criteria the insurer can demand. The earlier you decide on additional private insurance, the cheaper the monthly amounts will be. And women also benefit from private health insurance during and after pregnancy, which you can read at An online comparison of all products makes it safe! However, personal advice is always advisable before taking out private health insurance. You are actively making provisions for a healthy future, for yourself and for your offspring. And it is well known that it is never too late for that!

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