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An artistic Ravello wedding film (for brides looking for something unique)

The wedding story

We decided to get married in Italy because of the lovely food and surroundings, plus we both have a little bit of Italian heritage so it made sense. Most of all we fell in love with the beautiful villa Domus Laeta and the lovely little town of Giungano.

My main dress is made by one of my closest friends, Diana Jap, who also happens to be the reason we got married because she’s the one who introduced us. I loved that she let me be part of the creative process. We scouted inspiration, chose fabrics together and it was amazing seeing my dress come to life. I love the intricate details and the flow of the fabric.

The most precious moment of all was at the end of the night when everyone else had gone to bed and we were alone for the first time as husband and wife. We sat on the roof terrace under the milky way looking at the falling stars, feeling full of wonder and fulfillment. All our closest loved ones were sleeping on the floors below us. That was the happiest moment of our lives.

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