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Architecture for the kitchen and living room

Only every two years the kitchen manufacturer eggersmann presents innovations from its own ranks. These are especially well thought out and architecturally designed for this purpose. So also this year: exclusive surfaces made of dark wood and black steel characterize the eggersmann kitchens for 2022. There are also two more innovative cabinet design ideas.

It’s just a small sentence at the end of a long piece of text. He is short, but surpasses all news from eggersmann kitchens for 2022, which were previously presented in expressive language images. It reads: “eggersmann is the oldest family-owned German kitchen brand. “That works.

In fact, eggersmann lines up in a row well-known, German luxury producer for kitchen furniture that operates globally and has become a synonym for high quality craftsmanship Have become “made in East Westphalia”. In contrast to Poggenpohl and SieMatic, the brand name eggersmann is hardly known among kitchen buyers and end consumers. The company is one of the few remaining premium manufacturers that still are in family hands – and exclusively on real materials Stone, wood and glass set. This is particularly appreciated by premium dealers in Austria.

The eggersmann manufactory is known for the extremely high quality processing of natural stone and real wood. (Photo: eggersmann)

New products from eggersmann kitchens: only every two years, but then right

Some time ago, contrary to the general hustle and bustle of the kitchen industry, eggersmann decided to to only exhibit its novelties every two years. This runs in harmony with the producer’s in-house exhibition in Hiddenhausen as well as with the renowned European one EuroCucina kitchen fair in Milan, which also takes place every two years.

A decelerating and well thought-out commitment. Instead of looking over insignificant, supposed news – New front colors, another gray concrete decor – to be annoyed, as is sometimes the case with the competition, is something you can do with eggersmann architectural innovations leaving.

eggersmann kitchens 2022: architectural innovations with dark woods and black steel

That will also be the case in 2022. For the coming year, eggersmann cozy, dark woods at the center of its innovations, which can be found in the kitchen as well as in the adjoining living room for aesthetic and timeless furniture let use. The manufactory combines extraordinary premium woods such as Black walnut or core walnut with filigree metal inserts made of brass and black steel. Strong natural stones with a sophisticated grain, as one is used to from eggersmann, round off the upscale furnishing style.

We’ll provide you three focal points from eggersmann kitchens for 2022 – including an extraordinary veneer pattern, the glass body system “glance“And a completely newly developed organizational system called”cabtec“, Which becomes a functional kitchen aid with a cube that can be rotated through 360 ° in the wall unit.

Innovations for eggersmann kitchens 2022: the real wood range Ontario and the oiled black steel fronts.  (Photo: eggersmann)
Innovations for eggersmann kitchens 2022: the real wood range Ontario and the oiled black steel fronts. (Photo: eggersmann)

eggersmann Küchen 2022, Innovation 1: Real wood meets black steel

The signs point to industrial style in the kitchen – still. eggersmann traces the way for the upscale furnishing style: with a new real wood surface called “Ontario black walnut”that comes in vertical bars with a rustic grain. This is strongly reminiscent of the “Bossa” program presented by LEICHT 2020, whose vertical arrangement can also be used to clad living room walls.

eggersmann relies on one wider arrangement of the wooden sticksthat are adjusted to the millimeter on a black carrier plate and glued by hand. The dark-tinted wood is cleverly combined with the most classic element of industrial style: black steel. For this purpose, eggersmann dresses the entire kitchen island with the new surface oiled black steel and delimits the dark arrangement with one of its popular natural stones, the Quartzite “Bianco Nuvola”.

The white-gray stone with his marbling full of character lets the contrast of the three natural elements come into their own. Nevertheless, the stylistic combination looks balanced and harmonious.

The exclusive new surface "Black steel, oiled" contributes to the upscale industrial style in the kitchen.  (Photo: eggersmann)
The exclusive new surface “black steel oiled” contributes to the sophisticated industrial style in the kitchen. (Photo: eggersmann)


Of course, other woods and stones from the manufactory’s extensive repertoire can also be used for kitchen surfaces and fronts. Eggersmann is also presenting kitchens for 2022, for example the new veneer pattern “Vancouver Fineline Gray Lati” (Lati is an African tree with a yellowish-brown grain) or the rich “Embossed core walnut“. Even existing surfaces such as the real wood range Lausanne oak basalt black brushed go perfectly with the manufacturer’s new black steel surface.

As a stone alternative in the midst of the warm, earthy tones, in addition to the light “Bianco Nuvola”, there is also the dark brown natural stone “Brecchia Imperiale leather“Or the impressive, dark green”Tauern green polished” at. Shiny metallic inserts in brass and copper loosen up the calm and harmonious overall picture in a luxurious way.

eggersmann Küchen 2022, Innovation 2: New “glance” glass body system

As a producer of holistic room architecture, eggersmann has always thought in terms of kitchen furniture that can also be transferred to the living space. This is now clearly visible in the collection for 2022 with the new one Glass body system “glance”which can mean something like “a glance” or (in poetry) “shine”.

Both meet the transparent glass body zu, which is embedded within a frame front made of wood and thus completely merges into the central room design element. The vitrine can be used to display design objects and personal collector’s items.

The glamorous appearance of “glance” emerges through the subtle LED spotsthat shimmer from above – in the middle – except for the transparent glass shelves and cheeks. The piece of furniture is given by a Filigree aluminum frame with black powder-coated frame a geometric structure that separates the showcase from the surrounding wooden wall.

The glass doors are in the top and bottom with almost invisible AIR hinges milled in to maintain the lightness and transparency of “glance” even for every fleeting glimpse of the beholder. An eggersmann achievement in the usual perfection, which can be used for wall and base cabinets as well as tall cabinets in the kitchen and living area.

Anyone take a look, take a "glance", throws onto the new display cabinet system of the same name from eggersmann, is fascinated by its integration into the homely design framework.  (Photo: eggersmann)
Anyone who takes a “glance” at the new display cabinet system of the same name from eggersmann is fascinated by its integration into the homely design framework. (Photo: eggersmann)


The “glance collection” from eggersmann kitchens for 2022 offers a wide range of modern Glass colorsthat can be combined with different colored aluminum frames. In addition to the dark anodized struts, you can also Elements in brass, titanium, chrome or bronze to get voted. The surrounding frame front can also be designed according to individual taste. In addition to wood, lacquered surfaces and metallic fronts are also conceivable and possible. The perfect optical connection can then be continued in the kitchen area.

The precise arrangement of glass and aluminum elements can be further refined by choosing your own color.  (Photo: eggersmann)
The precise arrangement of glass and aluminum elements can be further refined by choosing your own color. (Photo: eggersmann)

eggersmann Küchen 2022, Innovation 3: New organization system “cabtec”

Eggersmann has not only committed itself to high-quality innovations for 2022 in terms of appearance. It was also time for something new in the interior of the handcrafted cabinets. The manufactory has therefore, in cooperation with the office “prieler design” developed an organizational systemthat makes efficient use of the available storage space in the wall unit. “cabtec“Is supposed to be a word creation from“ cabinet ”and“ tech ”(for technology).

The central element is the “spice cube“(Spice cube), whose cube-like shape can be used to store spices, bottles and food from all sides. With an innovative 360 ° rotation, With which the “spice cube” can be unscrewed from the upper shelf, users have immediate access to all of the food stored in it. Special interior lighting ensures that the module is clearly visible.

With regard to the material chosen for the “cabtec” storage space miracle, eggersmann remains true to its premium character: the organizers, for example, are in Basalt black oak or Titanium anodized aluminum manufactured. The clear, ergonomic basic shape can be combined individually and ensures safe handling in everyday kitchen life.

"Cabtec" ensures that food can be stored clearly in the cube-like storage space elements.  (Photo: eggersmann)
“Cabtec” ensures that groceries can be stored clearly in the cube-like storage space elements. (Photo: eggersmann)


The “spice cube” also works independently, which means that the spices stored here can be used during the cooking process, for example take out and place on the work surface.

Conclusion on eggersmann kitchens 2022: careful and high quality

eggersmann transforms itself with the calm and serenity of a kitchen manufacturer who already has been operating on the market since 1908 and knows about its unique position as a manufacturer in the now high-tech kitchen business.

While Poggenpohl and SieMatic, both of whom have been firmly in the hands of Chinese investors since 2020, are trying to reinvent themselves, eggersmann kitchens remains true to its linewhich means: absolute perfection in material quality and execution.

Nevertheless, even eggersmann, as a former carpentry shop that is still run by the family today, is not immune to the greed for innovation of the successful kitchen industry. With the new real wood and natural stone surfaces, the aesthetic glass body system “glance” and the cleverly thought-out storage space from “cabtec”, eggersmann Küchen 2022 is also setting its sights on renewal – careful and of high quality, understood.

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