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Babies see so well –

That's how good a baby's eyes see

[ad name=“Google Adsense“]How well Babies see can, we are often underestimated. Shortly after birth, babies cannot focus their gaze properly on an object or face. In the first 3 – 5 weeks this changes, but the baby now perceives movement and light and follows them with his gaze. First and foremost, it perceives the outlines of its parents and caregivers. It begins at around 6 weeks of age infant also, spatial too see. It can be observed in babies that they react more to moving objects than to stationary ones.

Eye muscles in the baby

The baby’s eye muscles are not fully developed shortly after birth. The eye muscles coordinate the eye position, which helps the baby to fix and coordinate more distant things. Often it can also happen that babies start to squint because the eyes are not yet able to coordinate themselves. This should not be a concern for parents. However, if this continues for more than 6 weeks, you should consult a doctor.

At what distance does the baby see best?

Preferably sees the infant at a distance of approx. 18 – 30 cm. This is the typical distance when, for example, a mother is breastfeeding her baby. The baby also prefers to look at its parents’ face because they are usually at that distance where the baby can see the most.

Eyesight matches the baby’s development

If you look at that eyesight of Babies, so one can say that it fits very well with the holistic development of the baby. The baby first sees the objects and people who are close by and that is why the baby also associates the face of its parents with calm, security and security. Removed objects still appear very blurred to the baby. This is important because if a baby could perceive and see all the smallest things, it would be overwhelmed by the many different impressions and would be scared more quickly.


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