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Baby wellness

Baby wellness

Many people are still drawn to the topic Baby wellness wrinkled forehead wondering – what is it? Because for many, wellness means “just” being pampered in a spa, thermal bath or wellness hotel. But the topic of wellness with babies is booming.

Baby wellness promotes the baby’s well-being

At Baby wellness however, it is primarily about the holistic Wellbeing of the baby. Because a infant can sense the feelings and state of the parents from the start. This already begins in the womb when the parents’ hands encircle the bulging belly and you speak gently to the baby. However, the mother’s stress has a negative effect on the baby, and this has been scientifically proven. The satisfaction and well-being of the mother and the parents in general are an important component for the positive feeling of the baby. The baby should feel safe and loved and thus build trust in the care of the parents. In the first months of life, the foundations for the baby’s further mental and emotional development are laid. Therefore, stress and tension in the baby must be counteracted from the beginning.

Baby massage

One of the most important and well-known applications in the area of ​​baby wellness is that Baby massage. Using various plant-based oils, parents can relax their baby with massage and thus increase the baby’s well-being. The physical contact also helps to increase the bond between parents and baby. In everyday life at home, baby massage can help calm and distract an excited, crying baby. Many parents also report that baby massage helps the baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. Baby wellness also ensures that the baby’s mind and body relax. And that’s important. Because every day a multitude of impressions flow into the baby. And these also have to be processed. Mostly this takes place in the dreams of the children.

Baby wellness begins in the nursery

But not only massages contribute to the baby’s well-being. It starts with the design of the children’s room Baby wellness. Light, friendly colors help create a relaxed atmosphere. The targeted use of soft music and warm light also promote satisfaction in the baby.

What else falls under the term baby wellness?

Baby swimming and baby yoga are also part of the broad topic Baby wellness. With baby swimming, a baby can not only splash around to their heart’s content. With baby swimming, the baby’s physical mobility is trained at an early stage at the same time. In addition, the baby’s muscles are strengthened. Babies get to know the element of water in a gentle way from an early age. Care should be taken to ensure that the water temperature is around 30 ° Celsius. Baby yoga is also about the perception of one’s own body. The baby gets to know his body through play. At the same time is the continuation of Baby yoga In the context of further physical development, this is a very good opportunity to maintain the child’s mobility even as they get older

Studies confirm that babies whose parents are consciously concerned with the topic of baby wellness and its possible uses are generally much more alert and balanced in their behavior. And this ultimately contributes to overall family happiness.

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