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Child’s Tears Plant: Rising Spectacular Child’s Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii)

baby's tears in a pot

Named due to its tiny leaves, Soleirolia soleirolii makes an attractive hanging or terrarium plant within the house and a lush, emerald inexperienced outside carpet when planted within the backyard. A few of its different names are much less poignant. Thoughts-your-own-business is one, and the Corsican curse is one other.

Soleirolia soleirolii is an evergreen that produces tiny, pedal-less, cream-colored flowers in late spring. It grows solely three to six inches tall and has a diffusion of three to six ft. Child’s tears advanced within the warmth of the western Mediterranean and thrives in hardiness zones 9 to 11.


Soleirolia soleirolii wants medium watering however likes humidity and does not tolerate lengthy dry spells. As a houseplant, it must be misted each different day or so. The soil ought to by no means be soggy.

Mild and Temperature Necessities

Although child’s tears is just about a tropical plant, it doesn’t like direct daylight, which scorches it. It additionally does not do nicely when temperatures develop too excessive, so it is best planted within the shade or in an space that will get vibrant however not direct daylight. Supreme air temperatures should not get a lot hotter than 65 levels Fahrenheit or a lot decrease than 50 levels F.

As child’s tears don’t love nice warmth, it doesn’t tolerate frost. Nevertheless, if a lightweight frost hits it, it is apt to develop again within the spring. A woodland backyard might be the most effective place for it if its going to be planted open air, however the gardener may have a lot extra management over the rising situations if the plant is grown inside.


Child’s tears do greatest in soil that’s loamy, wealthy, moist and well-drained. It wants common potting soil amended with peat moss. The trick is so as to add simply the correct amount of peat moss, for an excessive amount of will maintain on to water and make the soil too moist. A little bit of perlite added to the soil will assist drainage. One rule of thumb is to water the plant when the soil an inch or so beneath the floor is starting to dry out. Child’s tears can be nice for a terrarium, because the atmosphere throughout the glass retains the ambiance continually humid.


The houseplant must be fertilized each different week throughout its rising season. If it is open air, it might not want feeding in any respect. The one criticism a gardener might have about Soleirolia soleirolii is that it is invasive. Some do not thoughts the attractive inexperienced floor cowl rising in all places, however others thoughts it displaying up in areas the place they do not need it. Although it is simple to drag the plant up, it is truly onerous to do away with it completely as even tiny bits of the stem will regrow.


Since child’s tears like to naturalize open air anyway, propagating it’s straightforward. Fastidiously pull the foundation ball in half, then plant one half in a single pot and the opposite in one other pot. Then, water nicely.

Different Ideas

Some gardeners prune their Soleirolia soleirolii when it begins getting unruly. Gardeners should not be afraid to prune onerous and regularly. It will not harm the plant.

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