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“BioBoard Gen2” now even greener


As early as 2017, Rotpunkt heralded a new era of sustainable furniture production in the kitchen: with the chipboard “BioBoard”, which until now consisted of corn and other annual plants. With “BioBoard Gen2” learned the record in 2020 ecological update: With 90% recycled wood, Rotpunkt’s sustainable kitchens are now even greener. Where does the sustainable furniture board stand one year after its market launch?

Sustainability is a trend – also in the kitchen. But can sustainable kitchen furniture also meet the highest requirements in terms of design, quality and stability? The Rotpunkt manufactory from Bünde proves: Yes.

Sustainable kitchens from Rotpunkt: a modern interpretation of the country house front, made from ecological chipboard "BioBoard Gen2".  (Photo: Rotpunkt)
Sustainable kitchens from Rotpunkt: a modern interpretation of the country house front, made from the ecological chipboard “BioBoard Gen2”. (Photo: Rotpunkt)

With “Greenline – made of BioBoard” In 2017, Rotpunkt achieved an absolutely unique selling point in the kitchen industry and directed the focus of the manufactory towards the topic of sustainability. With the ecological chipboard, the manufacturer made a material available to its customers that exhibited Corn and other annual plants is manufactured and is therefore lighter and more sustainable than conventional chipboard – with the same stability.

To this day, Rotpunkt is the only German kitchen manufacturer that produces its own kitchen furniture from such sustainable materials and for the CO2 compensation does not have to rely exclusively on emissions certificates for its production.

BioBoard Gen2: Furniture board made from 90% recycled wood

Last year the sustainable chipboard went into the new generation: “BioBoard Gen2” is now closed 90% made from recycled wood. In addition to recycling furniture, this also includes chips from sawmills or Broken wood from storms. The chipboard is still there more resource-efficient and save a larger area of ​​forest than its predecessor, the manufacturer said in an interview with the Kitchens & Design Magazine. To the material flow To guarantee the limited resource “recycled wood”, Rotpunkt secures annual quotas to cover production needs.


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