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Breastfeeding – one of the best meals for the newborn

Each girl asks herself this query shortly after giving beginning, however usually already throughout being pregnant. Which is healthier for my child – breast milk or the bottle? The reply is: breastfeeding. Breast milk is one of the best you can provide your youngster. It has many extra benefits than disadvantages. The entire issues, disadvantages, and benefits are detailed beneath.

Advantages of Breastfeeding

  • Breast milk has precisely the proper composition and consists of just about 200 substances. The composition is totally different for each girl, relying on what and the way a lot she ingests, however the next is an instance: per 100 ml of breast milk these are: 47 mg potassium, 14 mg sodium, 33 mg calcium, three mg magnesium and 58 µg Iron.
  • Simply as breast milk comes out of the physique, it’s at simply the proper temperature for the newborn. It has an approximate temperature of + 37 ° C.
  • The shut bodily contact throughout breastfeeding makes mom and child blissful. It additionally strengthens the bond between the 2.
  • Breast milk accommodates very many particular substances that shield in opposition to allergic reactions and illnesses.
  • Breastfeeding is sensible as a result of you might have your meals with you wherever you go. You do not have to take bottles and teats with you, you do not have to search for a spot the place you may heat up a cooled bottle.
  • Breast milk is free. As a rule, you don’t want any further meals within the first few weeks or months.

Disadvantages of breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding usually takes a very long time. This additionally has to do with whether or not the mom has been breastfeeding for a very long time and whether or not the newborn likes to drink rapidly. Or whether or not it is a unhealthy eater or a sluggish drinker.
  • If you’re out and about, not each girl likes to breastfeed in public and even ask for a quieter place.

Issues with breastfeeding

  • If the girl needs or has to return to work instantly after giving beginning, then she can’t breastfeed. Both she would not breastfeed or she at all times has to precise the milk.
  • If the mom is sick, she can’t, doesn’t need or mustn’t breastfeed.
  • There are fairly a number of ladies who’ve very many issues producing sufficient milk.

The shelf lifetime of breast milk

  • Within the room: at approx. + 20 ° C, a most of six to eight hours.
  • Within the fridge: at approx. + 4 ° C for a most of eight days.
  • Within the freezer: at approx. -16 ° C approx. Six months.
  • Within the freezer: at approx. -18 ° C for approx. One 12 months.

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