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Cool & Colorful Wedding Inspiration for The Anti-Bride

From Naba Zabih

When you think of the word “Bride” what’s the image that pops into your mind? I’m sure your unconscious bias pictures a straight woman in a white dress. (To no fault of your own, we’re all predisposed to these things but we must continuously do the work and uncover them). This shoot was meant to be everything “anti bride.” Highlighting diversity and shedding light on an industry predominantly white, and hetero.

As a hair and makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in this industry, I have worked on hundreds of weddings and styled shoots. When you’re hired by a client you’re there to make them happy and obviously don’t have control over what they look like, or their wardrobe, hair, and makeup, etc. So when you bring creatives together to trade time for portfolio images on a “styled shoot” it’s our responsibility as vendors to represent all peoples.

Now I know 99% of all of said creators and wedding vendors put on these shoots without trying to be malicious and have every intention of putting together their most perfectly poised and polished versions of their work out there to attract clients. Speaking only for myself and experiences – I as a member of the LGBTQIA community have never walked away feeling like I saw myself, or people like me reflected in those images or any other underrepresented communities for that matter.

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