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Credit card simply explained!

While in the US pretty much every resident possesses at least one Visas, in Germany just around 33% has something like one charge card. Charge cards are like a platinum card or money as a methods for installment and are primarily utilized for significant costs, for example, travel, powering or leasing a vehicle. Particularly abroad, Visas are regularly used to pull back cash since they are acknowledged significantly more every now and again than traditional check cards.

Worth knowing about credit cards

A Mastercard is issued by a charge card organization, for example, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Contingent upon the organization, it is given over to a bank or straightforwardly to the client.

It is regular that the charge card is issued in collaboration of bank and Visa organization. For this situation, the contact individual is his very own bank for the client. Coordinate correspondence with the charge card backer is unprecedented and frequently possibly happens when suspicious or suspected false exchanges happen or when the client needs to obstruct their Visa.

Which credit cards are there?

The name Visa proposes that the client is conceded credit by his bank or Mastercard organization. However, that isn’t generally the situation. Contingent upon the sort of charge card, the techniques for installment and the strategy for charging can fluctuate broadly.

The charge card

The charge card is the most as often as possible issued Mastercard in Germany. It is an exemplary credit card that completely satisfies its name. The client gets a specific measure of credit. This can be utilized unreservedly in the charging month. After the lapse of the month, the Mastercard will be charged and the extraordinary sums will be charged to the client. Toward the start of the new month, the receipt sum will be deducted by direct charge from the concurred financial balance.

The revolving card

Spinning Mastercards are not also known in World. By the by, they are as of now spent by a few banks. Dissimilar to the charge card, a rotating Visa does not generally charge the whole month to month sum, but rather just a pre-concurred share. Here, 10-25% are regular, however it is additionally conceivable to set an individual rate. Moreover, most suppliers have a base month to month reimbursement. This relies upon different components.

The debit card

A charge Visa works much like a platinum card. In this no credit limit is allowed. It must be utilized if the connected current record has adequate inclusion. All exchanges are settled promptly against the comparing account, so the client isn’t conceded credit on a charge Mastercard.

The prepaid credit card

A prepaid credit card works much like a debit card. It can only be used if sufficient coverage is available, as here too no credit limit is granted. A prepaid card is not directly connected to an account, but has its own account. The user must first transfer money to the credit card account before he can use this credit card.


To finance themselves, the credit card companies receive from the dealers a certain portion of the turnover. However, depending on the contract, some fees and interest may also be charged by the customer. For example, in the case of a revolving credit card, interest usually accrues from the date on which the previous month was settled and a partial payment was invoiced. Also for use abroad, most institutes charge a fee of 1-2%. The cost of withdrawing money from the machine varies greatly. While it is a free service for some providers, others charge a fee of around 5-10 €. Not to be neglected is the monthly or yearly fee. Often this is only waived if in the previous year, a certain turnover with the credit card was made.

Advantages of a credit card

A credit card brings its owner many attractive benefits, the most important of which we have compiled below.

  1. Liquidity

Liquidity often plays an important role. If there are a few more days to go before the next salary, then a credit card can be used to stay flexible and have a financial cushion.

  1. Additional services

Depending on the bank and status of the cardholder, a credit card may include many additional benefits. So users are usually secured if they are robbed after withdrawing money or lose their map abroad and need money. In our credit card comparison, we have clearly arranged for you which performance is included on which card.

  1. Lounges

Some premium credit cards also include access to lounges at numerous airports and train stations. Here there is the possibility far from the hustle and bustle to wait for the plane or train and to work in peace or to eat and drink. The corresponding credit cards let the banks of course pay accordingly. If you make a high annual turnover with your credit card, you can also get it for free.

  1. Insurance

Especially for credit cards that are intended for travel and use abroad, the user receives free of charge certain insurance benefits. For example, a travel cancellation insurance may be included in the price if the corresponding trip was paid for with the credit card. The insurance of rental cars can often be done by credit card. The user can therefore save expensive insurance if he uses his credit card.

The risks of a credit card

Of course, a credit card not only offers benefits, but also carries certain risks. To protect you from these risks, we do not want to withhold them.

The risk of over-indebtedness

A credit card always carries the risk of over-indebtedness. Even young people often receive a relatively high credit line. Especially with a revolving credit card, this can quickly lead to problems, since only a small amount has to be paid off, while the mountain of debt grows in the background.

Hidden fees

Unfortunately, not all providers are interested in high transparency towards their customers. For this reason, the fee overview will only be handed out on demand or well hidden on the website. The customer is so poorly informed and risked when requesting a replacement card, a new PIN or withdrawing money at the machine a high fee. Therefore, you should definitely inform yourself about the charges that apply to your credit card.

Unclear bookings

The bookings are often made with a credit card only a few days later. In online banking, it is difficult to see how much money was spent in the last few days. In addition, credit cards allow a deposit to be blocked if, for example, a car has been rented or checked into a hotel. The block is often not visible online, so the user can not see exactly what the remaining credit limit is.


A credit card is very well suited to secure the cash supply abroad and to pay there. Even with a liquidity shortage, a credit card is the method of choice. If the risks of a credit card mentioned by us are respected, then the carefree use of such a card is nothing in the way.

If you also want a credit card now, just have a look at our credit card comparison.

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