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Deep pore cleansing with the micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA.


In the cosmetics industry, we have been stumbling across the word “micelles” lately. In this post, I would like to explain in more detail what that is and why they help our skin cleanse so much. But first of all, of course, I also wanted to test my first micelle product: The micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA. It is not the first beauty product that I use from ACARAA and that will have a permanent place in my bathroom after the test phase. What I appreciate so much about the company is that the products are natural, the packaging is sustainable and all the ingredients are also suitable for vegans. But now I come straight to the micelle cleansing gel.

The micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA cleanses the skin particularly deeply and thoroughly. The aloe vera then provides the skin with intensive moisture.

The ACARAA cleansing gel has also been enriched with aloe vera and chamomile. The application is very easy thanks to the pump bottle. Apply a little gel to the palm of your hand, lather it up with water and distribute it well on your face. Simply remove it with clear water. The first thing I notice is the incredibly pleasant scent. It smells natural and fresh, a little like summer and just makes you want to clean up.

Micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA

Micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA

The skin feels very clear and pure afterwards. The make-up disappears completely and there is no feeling of tension afterwards. This is because the added aloe vera provides the skin with intensive moisture like a day care product. The micellar cleansing gel is suitable for all skin types – even for impure or particularly sensitive skin. The chamomile also ensures that there are no more pimples or blackheads, as it has a particularly anti-inflammatory effect.

The cleaning gel has three properties.

The skin is clarified particularly deeply and gently during the cleansing. Because the micelles act like a magnet on dirt particles. These are then simply removed from the skin by the water – without having to work hard on the skin. There is also no need to use any additional facial tonic, as the skin is already cleared by the cleansing gel. The aloe vera provides moisture so that there are no feelings of tension after cleansing. Together with chamomile, it ensures that pimples and blackheads do not arise in the first place.

Micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA

My conclusion:

For me, the product is the perfect all-rounder. A pore-deep cleansing that makes my skin shine and a sustainable bottle that is kind to the environment. Natural and vegan ingredients make the micellar cleansing gel from ACARAA an absolute favorite for me. And the scent. Yes, you have to sniff it out yourself to be able to have a say.

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