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Feminine LGBTQ + wedding inspiration from Sweet Cheeks Winery

From To Be Loved Events

Emily and Kayleigh met early on in college but deep down always knew there was a deeper bond and desire underneath. They always knew there was something more, a deeper emotional connection. Their relationship was a secret for a while before coming out to the world, but they did not let family or others’ judgments stop them from loving one another. Ever since then, they’ve been able to be truly happy, comfortable, and who they want to be individually and together as one.

For this wedding inspiration shoot, we wanted to portray this love that Kayleigh and Emily share and the love they have for their Oregon roots. Hosted at the beautiful Oregon wedding venue, Sweet Cheeks Winery, and in collaboration with mostly Oregon-based wedding vendors, this event was so special to plan and execute for everyone involved.

Two gorgeous gowns from Merrime Bride & Soiree, boho event rentals from A Little Paint A Lot of Love, overflowing rustic bouquets and centerpieces, and fun, pink smoke bombs to end the night were just a few of the details that made this event a sight to behold.

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