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Fertility Hotel in Bavaria –


A well-known fertility hotel in Bavaria is located in Bad Bayersoien

A relaxing vacation in Fertility Hotel in Bavaria Hotel Bayersoien brings couples a little closer to the desire to have a child. For many couples, the dream of having a child takes up a lot of space in their relationship. But sometimes you have to give nature a helping hand if things don’t work out with the offspring right away. At the Kinderwunsch-Hotel Bayersoien in Bavaria, couples treat themselves to a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The tranquility and the pampering program at the Bayersoien wellness hotel contribute to the fact that women and men are more aware of each other and are more responsive to each other. In addition to the right attitude and the necessary leisure, special applications support the desire to have a child.

Give life to love!

In the Parkhotel Bayersoien, guests experience the pure lust for life! The 4-star superior hotel impresses above all with its family atmosphere and its offers in the area of ​​medical wellness. You feel at home on arrival! Located directly on Lake Soier, the panoramic view of the Ammergau Alps from the balcony of the room is impressive. In terms of culinary delights, the cuisine of the Bayersoien wellness hotel conjures up international dishes as well as traditional delicacies from the region. The alpine wellness kitchen with light and healthy meals is the ideal addition to the wellness offer in the hotel’s own spa area.

Couples in particular spend quiet holidays in the Parkhotel Bayersoien and indulge themselves with special wellness treatments in the fertility hotel in Bavaria. The spacious “Vitalquell” spa area offers extensive relaxation areas and an African sauna area that is second to none, a panorama swimming pool, a vitality bistro and a variety of medical wellness programs – all on 1,500 square meters. The Ammergauer Alpen Moor is a specialty. It is a purely natural product. The Ammergauer Alpen Moor supports couples who have an unfulfilled desire to have children!

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body!

A wide variety of diseases are alleviated or even cured with the help of the natural substance Ammergauer Alpen Moor. The fertility hotel in Bavaria supports the dream of many couples to have a child with its unique wellness offer based on black healing earth:

Moor ritual “Our wish baby”
Due to the specific ingredients of the moor, an additional fertility treatment is often encouraged. Both the metabolism and the hormonal glands are stimulated by the peat therapy. In addition, the genitalia are better supplied with blood thanks to the soothing warmth. Couples in love enjoy the romantic ambience, best for two, and switch off from everyday life.

The Parkhotel am Soier See is a hotel in Bavaria for couples who want to have children

Help with unfulfilled desire to have children

Applications with the healing moor increase the chance of having children come true. Often couples have already suffered years of suffering and there are still no offspring on their way. With the moor therapy in Bad Bayersoien, the body is supported in a natural way. Studies carried out by Priv. Doz. André Michael Beer from the Balneological Institute Bad Aachen prove the positive effects of the Ammergau Alpine Moor on involuntary childlessness – and that without any side effects! The active ingredients of the mountain pine raised bog are part of a holistic therapy that is offered in the Kinderwunsch-Hotel Parkhotel Bayersoien is offered. In addition to physical help, couples also receive mental support. They take the pressure off them, some of which have been on them for years. The dream of having your own child will soon become a reality!

Contact details for the Parkhotel am Soier See

Am Kurpark 1, 82435 Bad Bayersoien (Bavaria)
Tel .: +49 (0) 8845/120, Fax: +49 (0) 8845/9695
[email protected],

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