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Find a Physiotherapist? New search helps!

Find a Physiotherapist? New search helps!

Some men with prostate cancer experience incontinence after treatment. A new search function from the Health Foundation is now helping you to find a physiotherapist. From Ingrid Müller

The search for a physiotherapist close to home who, for example, offers pelvic floor training for prostate cancer patients, is often not that easy for men. A new search function from the Health Foundation could help. It can be reached via the physio-praxis-information website or the doctor information desk.

Physiotherapist search – by name, therapy and location

Using the search function, you can quickly and in detail research around 30,000 physiotherapy practices approved in Germany. The Health Foundation maintains the addresses of physiotherapists itself. How good and satisfactory the search results are depends on the quality of the data.

Search for the physiotherapist – this is how it works!

There are two fields for the physiotherapist search:

  • What and who? You can enter the surname of the physiotherapist (practice owner) or the focus of therapy in the search field, for example the search term “pelvic floor training”. Alternatively, leave the field blank.
  • Where? You can enter the zip code, city or district where you are looking for the physiotherapist.
    If there is no match in your area, the search radius will automatically expand. You can see which physiotherapist is closest to you and how many kilometers the practice is away.

You also have the option of your current location to use. Integrated is a Compass iconyou can click. The search will then automatically determine the location of your device and use it as a starting point for finding a suitable physiotherapist.

Search for barrier-free physiotherapy practices

You can also search for accessible physiotherapist practices. There are different criteria, for example: Suitable for people with limited mobility, hearing or visual impairments or wheelchair users. You can refine the search criteria for accessibility even further. For example, you can display practices at ground level or those with a lift and disabled parking spaces.

You will receive the hits as a list marked with letters. You can see these on Google Maps. Clicking on it opens a window with the physiotherapist’s contact details.

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Date: 11/25/2020

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