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Women can often feel the first signs of pregnancy

Women can often feel the first signs of pregnancy

As first signs of pregnancy fatigue, increased discharge or recurring nausea often occur. These first signs of a possible pregnancy can sometimes be observed shortly after implantation (implantation of the fertilized egg cell). Even before the first visual sign of the absence of a menstrual period.

Under the influence of various hormones, there is a massive change in the body of the expectant mother. This increased stress can lead to constant fatigue. Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, the woman’s entire genital area is supplied with intensive blood. This relaxes the vagina and increases the amount of vaginal discharge.

Wide range of possible signs of pregnancy

The intensity of the nausea is perceived very differently from woman to woman. Some are plagued by it throughout their pregnancy, others are so well known by this first signs of pregnancy completely spared. On average, however, it can be stated that nausea occurs more frequently between the 6th and 15th week of pregnancy. Further general observations show that such complaints are over by the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.

Other complaints can also include dizziness, a tightening in the chest or hormone-controlled changes in perception. The sense of smell in particular is often affected. Once pleasant smells such as a certain perfume or the intense smell of coffee are no longer well tolerated. The well-known cravings can also be the first signs of pregnancy.

The hormones do not go crazy in exactly the same way in all pregnant women

Since the individual body generally reacts very differently to the changes determined by hormones, the ones listed here occur first signs of pregnancy not on every woman. There may even be differences in a repeated pregnancy. A pregnancy test from the drugstore or pharmacy can provide you with clarity in advance. Such a test can be used from the first day of absence from the rule. A blood test at the gynecologist can give you one hundred percent certainty before the first missed menstruation.

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