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First symptoms of pregnancy –

The first symptoms of pregnancy are very individual and are perceived differently from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. But every single one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is determined by the changed hormone balance.

Hormonal processes within the human body are usually active continuously and unnoticed. Only the intervention or the change of these processes causes noticeable effects on the respective person. The fusion of the egg cell and sperm causes such a change in the woman’s body. And the first symptoms of pregnancy become noticeable. Especially in the first trimester (1 – 3 month of pregnancy) the hormones cause massive changes. This is because it is during this time that the zygote develops (egg cell and sperm have fused and cell division has started) to the fetus. At the end of the third month of pregnancy, all of the organs are formed and the human body can already be recognized. In the following months the fetus will predominantly grow and further physical differentiation will take place.

The most famous symptoms of pregnancy

On its journey of about 5 days to the uterus, the zygote continues to develop into a blastocyst, which eventually becomes embedded in the uterine lining. The full installation process can take up to 14 days. Slight bleeding may occur, which is also visible to the outside. Some women feel a pull in their abdomen. These are usually the first symptoms of pregnancy. However, they are often not even consciously assigned. Furthermore, the basal temperature increases. However, you will only notice this if you meticulously document the development of your own basal temperature when you want to have children. To do this, the temperature must be increased over a period of more than 18 days. Very popular first symptoms of pregnancy On the other hand, the swelling of the breasts is associated with a corresponding feeling of tension, flatulence, increased urge to urinate, but also tiredness and nausea. The increased need for sleep and tiredness arise from the fact that the body invests all available energy reserves in the development of the child and first has to adjust to supply two organisms. The typical nausea is accompanied by a changed sensory perception, especially in the areas of smell and taste. This has very different effects. Some food and drinks are unbearable, others are consumed in very unusual combinations. Furthermore, lower blood pressure can cause circulatory problems with dizziness, ringing in the ears and fainting fits.

All of this can be called first symptoms of pregnancy be considered. But they can also be traced back to stress or various illness-related disorders. In order to be able to assign the first symptoms of pregnancy, a conscious examination of one’s own body is required. Many women notice the symptoms, but only when the monthly bleeding stops the suspicion of pregnancy arises. A pregnancy test, which tests the hCG level in the urine, provides initial certainty. hCG is a typical pregnancy hormone. However, the pelvic examination provides clear clarity. For example, from the 5th week of pregnancy onwards, the amniotic sac or the embryo can be detected by ultrasound.


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