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Focal remedy for prostate most cancers isn’t appropriate for each man.

Location of the tumor – which type of vitality is finest?

The most cancers foci have been roughly equally distributed within the males inside the prostate: 31 % have been within the anterior area of the prostate (anterior), 29 % on the tip (apical) and 36 % within the rear area in direction of the again (dorsal).

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The effectiveness of focal remedy presumably additionally will depend on the situation within the prostate the place the malignant tumor has shaped. Research have proven, for instance, that remedy with high-intensity, targeted ultrasound (HIFU) performs higher in tumors dealing with the again than in tumors additional ahead. Due to this distribution of tumors within the prostate gland, there isn’t any such factor as “one” type of vitality for focal remedy, the authors of the examine clarify.

Their conclusion: “Solely a minority of prostate most cancers sufferers are potential candidates for focal remedy. As well as, the distribution of the tumors means that we’d like completely different types of vitality to make sure optimum therapy with focal remedy. “

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