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Information about the right footwear during pregnancy

With each week that the pregnancy progresses, the baby bump also grows and walking and standing in everyday life becomes increasingly difficult for the woman in other circumstances. Because the body of the expectant mother performs a real show of strength in the months before the birth. The extra weight of the baby not only puts strain on the spine well beyond the normal level. The legs also suffer during pregnancy and often feel bloated. Water retention is also a pregnancy ailment that women have to grapple with before giving birth. The question of the right footwear during pregnancy usually arises from the second trimester of pregnancy, because then bending down and putting on shoes is already difficult. Comfort is now in fashion and women are turning to practical footwear that is very comfortable to wear and has little or no heel. Because now the health of mother and child comes first.

The main thing is to be comfortable!

The center of gravity of the female body shifts and the shoe size can also vary by one or two sizes. Especially if the woman is struggling with water retention, the feet tend to swell when walking and standing for longer periods of time. Shoes made of soft material that adapts a little while being worn are the ideal companions for on the go during pregnancy. Sneakers are particularly suitable, because they can be laced individually and cope with any stress. However, pregnant women pay attention to first-class quality and above all to a high-quality footbed that stabilizes, gives and supports. A sole that also has optimal cushioning properties is convincing right away. Last but not least, the design can of course also have a say in the purchase decision. Sneakers, sandals and moccasins are now available in many trendy colors and in TOP quality. The slightly higher purchase price is guaranteed to pay off in the coming weeks and months if the footwear becomes a faithful companion of the expectant mother during pregnancy.

Taking care of your feet properly, even during pregnancy

Women often care for their face, hands and body with devotion, only the feet are still neglected. In the time before the birth, you should treat your legs to something good and make an appointment for the pedicure. Because the constantly growing baby bump often prevents proper care at home. Unsightly calluses are professionally removed by experts and the nails are also given a neat shape and a layer of varnish. At home, pregnant women are welcome to ask their partner for a soothing foot massage. The significant other is sure to be happy to support his wife in other circumstances and so not only the aching feet benefit from the touches, which are simply good for you.

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