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Gifts for pregnancy –

Pregnancy gifts

Family members and friends love to hand over Pregnancy giftswhen the couple shares the good news about the expected offspring in their environment. A new family member grows up and everyone is happy about the new life. But which one Gifts are suitable for pregnancy?

Gifts for every budget

The trade offers a multitude of possible Pregnancy gifts. But seekers will also find what they are looking for in catalogs on everything to do with babies or in one of the numerous online shops on the Internet. Presents during pregnancy have become established in the meantime, you don’t just give a little gift at birth, but show your joy about the unborn child during pregnancy. You also want to do something good for the mother-to-be, as she is facing a stressful situation with the birth and the first time together also means a big change for the woman and man as a couple, they are now a family.

A Gift for pregnancy doesn’t have to be expensive. The mother-to-be is also happy about little things. A small selection of possible Pregnancy gifts can be found in every well-stocked store dealing with the topic of babies and pregnancy:

– Care products specially tailored to the needs of the skin of expectant mothers
– smart belly bands as a fashionable accessory
– Books about the exciting time pregnancy – birth – the first year of life
– personal photo gift or a photo book as a reminder of the pregnancy
– Plaster cast of the baby bump
– Hotel voucher for a stay in a hotel for pregnant women
– a baby vacation for the young family as relaxation for the time after the birth

Babymoon as a gift for pregnancy

Pregnancy is an act of strength for a woman’s body. Due to the weight gain and the hormonal changes, the woman is immensely challenged, both mentally and physically. As a special Gift for pregnancy give family members, friends or partners the most valuable asset, namely time. A hotel voucher in a baby hotel that specializes in the stay of expectant mothers is becoming increasingly popular among the Pregnancy gifts.

Can the future mother relax and unwind with special wellness treatments that take their circumstances into account. A small excerpt from the wellness offer in babymoon holidays:

– massages
– Ayurveda
– Birth preparation
– special baths for relaxation
– belly dancing
– Yoga for strengthening the back

Vacation during pregnancy

In preparation for the birth, a vacation in one of the numerous hotels for pregnant women in Austria, Germany and Italy is ideal. The expectant mother can relax and let go. Give time for the mother and her unborn child with a hotel voucher as the ideal Gift for pregnancy.

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