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Our love story

It’s been eight beautiful years of togetherness. We started out as little school kids in whites (at DPS Bangalore school) exchanging English notes, pens, preparing for exams & exchanging our lunch boxes. While he was the lead drummer of our school and & I was on the prefectorial board because of constant coordination, we started to interact a lot & felt this almost powerful attraction towards each other & confessed our feelings.

It then spiraled into seven years of long-distance because of our colleges & businesses in separate cities. Distance did make our bond incredibly strong.

We reached a point where we said enough! We just want to start living with each other & finally broke the news out to our families. While my family was shocked to hear it – because they always saw Jophy as my good friend – his family already had a hint and were very welcoming.

Today, we both sit back & see both families bonding as friends & my parents treating Jophy like a son they never had, while his parents pamper me. It fills our hearts with gratitude.

Also, being Hindu (me) & Christian (him) there was a little bit of a filmy twist when the news broke out, but it now feels like a movie with a happy start (and no end).


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