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Gorgeous & Modern Chinese Tea Ceremony Inspiration

Massive congratulations to stylist lilelements, photographer Clarzzique and their team of talented vendors today for this gorgeous & modern jewel-toned Chinese tea ceremony inspiration!

It’s no secret I am a massive sucker for wedding cultural traditions, in particular the tea ceremony!

Just a few weeks ago we were chatting about how too often the tea ceremony portion of a wedding is overlooked in terms of styling & photo ops (see a stunningly styled real tea ceremony here). While this may be intentional for some couples – maybe it’s not as important to some, and that’s okay! For those who regard this tradition as special, we want to show off how truly gorgeous this moment can be with creative decor & special attention from your photographer.

Set at HostCo in Sydney, this modern take on the Chinese wedding puts the tea ceremony at the forefront, followed by a stunning jewel-toned ceremony space with modern fashion that emulates the high-neck style of Qipao. Featuring a bridal cape & deep-colored makeup, we’re loving the overall modern approach to this traditional day.

Oh, and automatic swoon points for all the orchids! Sweet Botanica please fill my life with these beauties!

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