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Rising Crinum Lily (Spider Lily)

The crinum lily is also called the spider lily for its intricate flowers that embody massive, brightly coloured stamens that resemble spider legs.

The flowers are shiny and have a heavy scent. It’s a pretty decorative flower that makes a huge impact in a flower mattress.

It may be grown in zones 7 to 11. The crops are available yellow, gold, pink and white in addition to a couple of styles of mixed-color flowers.

They are going to bloom in spring and summer time in addition to the sooner weeks in fall.

Gentle and Temperature Necessities

The crinum lily loves full solar, however it should additionally develop properly in filtered mild in addition to partial shade. It’s a hardy plant that may deal with extraordinarily low temperatures. Although it prefers scorching temperatures, it will possibly final by way of freezing temps in addition to these under zero. It might tackle some harm in excessive chilly, so defending it from chilly winds and snow may help it to remain more healthy.


When your crinum lily is getting established, it ought to be given loads of water and never allowed to dry out. As soon as it has turn into established, watering it a few times per week is lots, relying on the rainfall within the space.

The plant, and particularly the bulbs, shouldn’t be allowed to sit down in water, as this can trigger main harm to the plant. The soil ought to have good drainage to permit it to absorb water with out sitting in it for lengthy durations.

When the plant is turning into establishes, placing a few water-retention beads within the soil across the plant may help it to get sufficient moisture.

Some gardeners create a mound of soil all the way in which across the plant to direct extra water from the encircling space to the plant’s roots. It’s drought-resistant, but it surely prefers its soil to be moist more often than not until the plant is dormant.


The soil ought to have glorious drainage. Placing a handful or two of sand in with the soil may help it to empty higher. This plant loves wealthy soil, so a month-to-month fertilizer is useful for instances when the plant just isn’t dormant. If it does go dormant in the course of the winter, do not fertilize throughout that point. A slow-release fertilizer is greatest, however you should use a liquid one when you use a half-strength one.


The crinum lily may be propagated by bulbs or by dividing an current plant. When planting bulbs, they need to relaxation slightly below the soil’s floor and be positioned in order that the stem shoots level upward. Because the plant grows, it should develop a number of new bulbs across the outdated one- as many as 5 of them annually. The brand new bulbs can then be moved to anyplace you want to plant them. The bulbs can get extraordinarily massive with some sorts getting as massive as 25 kilos. One of the best time to plant them is the springtime.


The plant grows lengthy, sturdy stems that the flowers will bloom on. Nevertheless, if the flowers get overly heavy, you could have to stake the stems for some time to assist it maintain the burden. Inserting these crops close to a door or window that you simply typically open will assist you to take within the robust scent of those flowers.

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