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Handleless kitchens vs. Fingerprints: What solutions are there?

The handleless kitchen is one of the big trends of the past years. The advantages are obvious: a noble, puristic design , timeless elegance and a clear, tidy overall impression. In the field of optics, the handle-less kitchen can undoubtedly score points. But what about the practicality ?

Basically, there are various ways to open cabinets and slots without handles. In this way, interventions can be omitted above or next to the fronts. For kitchens with wooden fronts, the gripping devices are milled in. The handles are virtually invisible and yet easy to use. Many handleless kitchens also have a sensor or pressure control . In the popular push-to-open version, you only have to touch or tap cabinet doors slightly to open them. Especially practical: If you do not have a hand free, the cabinets can be opened in this solution with the elbow, the knee or the hip.

No chance for fingerprints: At BONDI von Leicht, an innovative coating process that makes the surfaces less sensitive is used.

Your handleless kitchen will stay as beautiful as it was the first day

Many owners of handleless kitchens especially emphasize their ease of care. Doors that are not interrupted by handles are easy to clean. Once briefly with a damp cloth over it and already the kitchen shines in new splendor. Cumbersome brushing of handles, which always get greasy or sticky first, is eliminated.

However, if there are no handles, another problem arises: Especially with glossy kitchens you can see every fingerprint. When cooking or baking, it is simply not enough for the fingers to become greasy or to stick dough to them. If you open a cupboard or pull out a drawer, unpleasant marks on the fronts will be left behind. If such soiling is not removed immediately, this considerably reduces the fine impression of the kitchen.

Various manufacturers have recognized this problem and developed different solutions. For example, Leicht uses an innovative coating process for the BONDI kitchen model that makes the surfaces less sensitive. It guarantees easy care and outstanding anti-fingerprint properties. Even with intensive use and on dark surfaces, the surfaces remain as beautiful as on the first day.

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