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Happy Valentines Day – with natural fragrances from Frau Tonis

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One topic that has interested me for a long time is natural fragrances. I’ve already replaced many products in the bathroom with natural (and vegan) ones. I’m still trying out the fragrance, which I like 100%. And it’s not that easy at all. In the last few months I have ordered samples from various manufacturers – but unfortunately I have not really found what I am looking for. Either the scent didn’t convince me or the intensity was too strong or too low. I’ve seen Frau Tonis Parfum several times in stores, but to be honest, I’ve never tried it. That’s why I was so upset my first fragrance experience with the Parfum Manufaktur tense. This post is about my experience with two fragrances and a nice surprise for Valentine’s Day.

You can also rely on naturalness when it comes to fragrances – and for Frau Tonis that doesn’t mean doing without, rather beguiling fragrance experiences.

What I found extremely helpful: You will find a fragrance test on the website that should lead you to your favorite fragrance thanks to specific questions. I relied on the result and chose the No. 14 Grasse à toi decided. I also chose the Hamburg fragrance as my travel size (how could I not). And I’ll say it directly: both fragrances hit the mark for me. Grasse à toi is my new fragrance for every day. Slightly flowery, fresh and not too intrusive. Hamburg smells fresh of spring and light as a fresh breeze. A very clear scent.

But because I still had a few questions about natural fragrances, I asked Ms. Tonis for a short interview. I think it contains such beautiful and important information. And at the very end of the post, I have a little surprise for you on Valentine’s Day.

At the end of the post there is another Valentine’s Day surprise for you!

stryleTZ: What is the difference to conventional fragrances?

Mrs. Tonis: At Frau Tonis Parfum, we have specialized in niche fragrances that open up new worlds of fragrances to visitors. We combine ingredients that turn into extraordinary fragrance experiences. With our fragrance No. 33 VILD unite extraordinary aromas such as thyme, suede, saffron and midnight jasmine to create a real olfactory experience. We see perfumes as inspiration and are always fascinated by the associations and memories that our perfumes evoke in the wearers!

stryleTZ: How are your fragrances made?

Mrs. Tonis: Indeed, Frau Tonis Parfum produces handcrafted fragrances with great care and love, which are unique in terms of quality and structure. All of our high-quality manufactory perfumes are sustainably produced in Grasse and Berlin and are processed and bottled by hand in Berlin. For us, sustainability means treating the earth’s resources with care. We value a maximum density of natural ingredients and avoid – whenever possible – synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Many of our fragrances are also vegan.

Frau Tonis Parfum Valentine's Day

Frau Tonis Parfum Valentine's Day

stryleTZ: Which ingredients distinguish a vegan from a non-vegan fragrance?

Mrs. Tonis: Our manufactured fragrances tend to be produced ORGANIC. We produce all raw materials sustainably, our suppliers come exclusively from Europe, as do all high-quality ingredients. We handle all production steps in Germany.
Our fragrances are – as far as the strict EU regulations provide – primarily natural. Nevertheless, some of our fragrances can and must contain synthetic substances, for example to preserve the perfume or to make it durable for a period of three years. Some ingredients such as musk or ambergris have to be obtained synthetically to protect species.
But of course we also offer a variety of vegan fragrances. For a better understanding: animal ingredients that are processed in the perfumes would be beeswax, honey or compounds.

We produce all raw materials sustainably.

stryleTZ: Your fragrances are generally gender-neutral – why is that important to you?

Mrs. Tonis: No label should limit the pleasure of smelling. We deliberately do not differentiate our fragrances according to masculine or feminine perfumes. Rather, we argue across genders and basically describe our fragrances as “unisex perfumes” or “gender neutral fragrances”.
Nowadays, many women prefer woody and tart notes and love supposedly masculine fragrances like our No. 05 Aventure with amber, pink pepper, vetiver and cedar wood. Men tend more and more to delicate scents that contain aromas of roses or cherries, like our No. 88 Bahia. Our response to this new buying behavior is to deliberately not divide our fragrances into categories. True to the motto, which, by the way, goes particularly well with Berlin: ‘Anything goes!’

Frau Tonis Parfum Valentine's Day

Frau Tonis Parfum Valentine's Day

stryleTZ: What was the first fragrance that was created for Ms. Tonis?

Mrs. Tonis: We founded Frau Tonis Parfum in 2009, when our fragrance range comprised around 20 fragrances. In the meantime, the selection has grown to 36 fragrances, whereby in addition to Eau de Parfums we also offer Eau de Colognes and Parfum Intense. One of our starting fragrances was, for example, our No. 10 Linde Berlin, which perfectly captures the summery scent of magnificent linden trees.

stryleTZ: Which fragrance do you buy the most?

Mrs. Tonis: We do this depending on the season. In summer we sell more euphoric, sparkling-fresh fragrances, such as No. 17 Laundrette or No.11 Si tu savais, while strong, oriental eau de parfums are more popular in autumn and winter, for example No. 25 Bouquin or No.19 OUD white.

Frau Tonis Parfum Valentine's Day

Frau Tonis Parfum Valentine's Day

I hope that this topic is so exciting for you too and that you may now think a little more about what ends up on your fragrance shelf.

I’m giving away three fragrance sets from Ms. Tonis.

So that you can get to know Ms. Tonis and convince yourself, I’m giving away three fragrance sets to you today. I can guarantee that you will be delighted. My absolute favorite from the set is Laundrette – it smells so wonderfully of fresh laundry. How can you participate? Please go directly to the Insta-Post.

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