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High coffee consumption could protect men from prostate cancer.

Coffee and prostate cancer: further deciphering the link

The researchers also found differences between the two groups in localized and advanced prostate cancer. Compared to the infrequent drinkers, the men with a high coffee consumption had a seven percent lower risk of localized prostate cancer. The risk of advanced and dangerous prostate cancer was even 12 to 16 percent lower.

Our study results suggest that high coffee consumption could be associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer, ”write the study authors led by Xiaonan Chen. However, the mechanisms behind it and the responsible active components of coffee still have to be deciphered in further studies. “If there is indeed a causal link between coffee consumption and prostate cancer, we should encourage men to drink more coffee to reduce their risk of prostate cancer,” the authors say.

Coffee is considered healthy

However, there are some solid biological reasons to believe that coffee might lower the risk of prostate cancer. Coffee improves sugar metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and influences the level of sex hormones. And all of these factors could influence the development, development and progression of prostate cancer, according to the researchers. Another argument in favor of coffee’s protective effect against prostate cancer is that some other types of cancer occur less frequently in coffee drinkers. These include, for example, liver, colon and breast cancer.

The advice of cancer researchers for coffee consumption is therefore: As long as you don’t drink coffee while it is boiling, it is not harmful – and possibly even a very healthy drink.

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