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Home office in the kitchen: 8 ideas for relaxed work


Home office is no longer a temporary solution: at the beginning of 2021 they were already working 24% of all Germans from home, a full 73% also want one in the long term Legal requirement on home office (source: Statista). Because living space is scarce, especially in urban areas, and not your own everywhere Workspace is available, many employees give way to the kitchen table the end.

Between the children’s math problems and the leftovers from lunch, however, productive work sometimes falls by the wayside – by the ergonomics not to mention. So it’s high time to talk about practical – and aesthetic – solutions for that Home office in the kitchen to speak.

Home office in the kitchen: sometimes exhausting if it remains a permanent temporary solution.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Home office at the kitchen table: sometimes exhausting if it remains a permanent temporary solution. (Photo: Adobe Stock / Ekaterina Bolovtsova)

While the Kitchen furniture manufacturer last year on the fly first Provisional arrangements for the home office in the kitchen, a completely different picture presented itself at the trade fair on the A30 kitchen mile in late summer 2021. The big kitchen manufacturers have not only further developed their kitchen spaces, they are also going with them in 2022 well thought-out solutions for attractive workplaces in the kitchen. The “next big thing” is emerging across all manufacturers Slide-in door cabinet on, the many a video call with a tidy look should save in the background.

Home office in the kitchen, part 1: hidden

Slide-in door cabinet for a homely look

If you renovate your kitchen in 2022, you have many options for a well thought-out workplace to take into account at the same time – and the kitchen area with home office options from a single source Kitchen studio to plan. Manufacturers such as Rotpunkt, next125, rational or Häcker have recognized the potential of ceiling-high kitchen cabinets that can be covered with the help of flexible slide-in doors. If required, there is space for a fully comprehensive kitchen with an oven, hob, sink and work surface. Is there a video conference on, the kitchen chaos disappears behind the in no time at all puristic cabinet front.

Slide-in door cabinet: our tip for the home office in the kitchen.  (next125)

Slide-in door cabinets also offer other premises Great potential: for example, an open wall unit in the living room can be turned into a continuous, tranquil area if required. With the new Planning variety This year, the manufacturer can also purchase such furniture from the kitchen studio – and install them in a tailor-made manner.

Workplace integrated in the utility room

The utility room will also be a big topic for kitchen manufacturers again in 2022 – and has been expanded even further on the trend-setting kitchen mile A30. For the practical séparée often less space is required than one would like to assume. With the increasing penetration of kitchen furniture manufacturers into the living area, can also lean workplaces integrate into the utility room.

Optically isolated from the rest of the kitchen space, you move close to the action without being in the middle – and benefit from the proximity to the coffee machine and refrigerator. And: laptop, documents and the like can be left lying around after work without them Relics of the working day disturb the homely atmosphere of the surrounding living space.

Hidden secretary for the wall

Large flap, a lot behind it: the box furniture fits on the wall and is extra slim VERTIKO PLY der Müller Möbelwerkstätten inconspicuously into the action and can be placed in the kitchen or in the open living and dining area to save space. The wall shelf is folded out into a secretary with a generous shelf for all kinds of office utensils.

Through the Wall mounting the furniture, designed by product designer Sascha Sartory, adapts individually to the appropriate seat height. If the workplace is no longer needed, the furniture houses everything that no longer finds space in the kitchen cupboard. VERTIKO PLY consists of coated birch wood and is available in white and anthracite.

Vertiko Ply: a wall-hung secretary for the home office.  (Photo: Müller Möbelwerkstätten)
VERTIKO PLY: the wall-hung bureau can be installed at the ideal seat height and offers a space-saving home office option. (Photo: Müller Möbelwerkstätten)

Home office in the kitchen, part 2: extended

Workplace made of kitchen modules

Those who live more generously and have more space can join in Furniture from the kitchen manufacturer a separate, full-fledged workplace have it planned in the studio. If the kitchen and workplace are designed from a single source at the same time, the home office can be adapted to the Design of the kitchen adjust. This creates a well thought out and stylish lookthat is particularly good for open floor plans with flowing room boundaries. So think about your workplace when you go to the kitchen studio in order to take advantage of synergies.

Kitchen manufacturers such as LEICHT, Häcker, SCHMIDT, Schüller or Rotpunkt will present well thought-out solutions for the home office in the kitchen for 2022, which are stylistically based on the new furniture in their kitchen and living rooms – for a uniform image.


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