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How can jeans be more sustainable? Fair fashion outfit.

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This post is all about the blue trouser dress. I’m still wearing the last normal pair of jeans that fit me during pregnancy. So that I can wear jeans for longer, I ordered a model from the fair fashion label Armedangels two sizes larger. It went well for quite a long time. I am now in the sixth month and have to accept reality: in the third trimester I can still wear maternity jeans – if at all. After all, I have four of them from my first pregnancy. I will certainly not get any more. Not only because I find these special pants really exhausting (they pinch and slip), but also because the production of denim is one of the real environmental sins.

Jeans are a topic that we should all pay more attention to in fashion. Because the production of denims is (mostly) a total environmental sin.

In this post I would like to show you two examples of how to deal sustainably with the topic of denim. Anyone who knows a little about the production of denims knows how much water is used in the production. In addition, chemicals are often used, which then end up in the waters. And questionable methods like sandblasting (officially banned but still required by workers) have already cost some people’s health.

TheBadSeedCompany, for example, offers knits made from the yarn of recycled denims. Because 20,000 liters of water can easily be used in the manufacture of jeans. New yarn is spun from old jeans in an environmentally friendly process. This then creates beautiful, tailored sweaters, which are called 2ND LIFE. I can now call a copy my own. And even with a pregnancy bump, the tops look great.

Recycled denim yarn or jeans without chemicals – there is another way.

Armedangels, on the other hand, has set itself the task of letting the chemicals out of the jeans so that the harmful substances do not get into our bodies through our skin. The model I am wearing in the photos is from the Detox Denim collection. I bought it myself (so no PR sample) and I’m already looking forward to fitting it back into the good piece.

Jacket: Opullence Paris – fair and vegan | Sweater *: TheBadSeedCompany – fair, sustainable and vegan | Jeans: Armedangels – fair, sustainable and vegan | Boots: Altercore – fair and vegan

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