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How to Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal

Why Livestream With Lovecast

Lovecast is a streamlined HD platform made specifically for couples to broadcast their love. Your guests don’t need to download an app or prepare a login before the event. They simply need to click the link you’ve created to join. The site takes care of the rest. So whether that means grandparents and extended family, or people who live internationally, anyone can be there with ease.

Essentially, you are having an intimate proposal without a literal crowd of people around you. This also gives your partner the option to decide if they want to end the live stream after you propose, or if they want to say hello to their besties or family on the stream! Truly, we can’t think of anything more special.

And our favorite feature? A recording is automatically saved for your phone and on your website, so you can keep sharing the experience with friends, on social media, and re-watch all the magic again as a couple. And yes, it saves your guests’ reactions too! So you can read those comments after the big moment!

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