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the best way to use the vacuum drawer appropriately

A Vacuum drawer has to this point been seen as a pleasant sidekick of all built-in home equipment within the kitchen. She lets herself be numerous in on a regular basis kitchen life deploy. Vacuum seal meals, seal wine bottles hermetic, freeze delicate fruit and greens for a really very long time: we inform you how and for what you utilize the vacuum drawer appropriately.

Of the August is the Most harvest month of the 12 months. A take a look at the luxurious fruit and vegetable stalls at regional weekly markets proves the good selection during which we will acquire fruits, berries and colourful greens: Blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and peaches wait there in addition to Apples, pears, plums and quinces. Additionally agency greens like Carrots, potatoes, beans, peppers and cucumbers provide themselves; as properly Zucchini, corn, lettuce, radish and beetroot.

Pastime gardeners now prefer to nod knowingly: typically it’s a must to do properly, choosing the overripe pure merchandise and particularly to devour. As fantastic because the aroma of ripe fruits and native greens could also be in heat August, it will get so quick Greens, salad & Co. mushy and unhealthyif they aren’t given away or processed shortly sufficient. Along with the traditional canning of jams and soups, there’s one other means To protect the wealthy harvest merchandise: with the assistance of the vacuum drawer.

Summertime is harvest time. We can hardly get enough of the bright colors of ripe fruit and lush vegetable harvests. But what should you do with fresh foods that spoil quickly? (Photo: america stock)

Summertime is harvest time. We are able to hardly get sufficient of the intense colours of ripe fruit and plush vegetable harvests. However what must you do with contemporary meals that spoil shortly? (Photograph: america inventory)

Vacuuming meals vs. Steam cooking: intense aroma, mild preparation

Vacuum drawers are, in addition to warming drawers Constructed-in equipment within the upscale kitchen. The information of the best way to vacuum seal meals, in addition to the recognition of the vacuum drawer, has elevated lately in parallel with the curiosity in Sous vide cooking, ie “cooking beneath vacuum”. Sous vide cooking is a bit just like conventional methodology of steamingwhich, by the best way, was practiced in Japan 1000’s of years in the past with the assistance of small bamboo baskets. Each cooking processes be certain that meals a lot gentler and due to this fact more healthy than will be ready with typical cooking and frying. The rationale for that is low warmth enter and the related longer cooking time.

Whereas at Steam cooking Components like greens, fish and meat Nevertheless, they’re crisply steamed "in steam" and thus above all retain their firmness Sous vide cooking for a intense aroma and a pleasantly mushy consistency that enables meat to be gently mashed with a fork, for instance. The sous vide cooking process is made doable by a prior vacuum sealing of the mealsthat are sealed in a plastic bag along with different components and herbs earlier than they’re disadvantaged of oxygen. The vacuumed meals is now prepared for cooking – or however for freezing and storing.

The vacuum drawer (below) and the steam oven (above) often go hand in hand. Basically, however, they differ: vacuumized foods also stew in their own juice and are not directly exposed to the hot steam. (Photo: Gaggenau)

The vacuum drawer (beneath) and the steam oven (above) usually go hand in hand. Mainly, nonetheless, they differ: vacuumized meals additionally stew in their very own juice and will not be immediately uncovered to the new steam. (Photograph: Gaggenau)

Vacuuming meals: jam, child jars, wine bottles and spices

Vacuuming meals presents many benefits in on a regular basis kitchen life. Nevertheless, the main focus is principally on the fulfilling "Simmer in its personal juice“, Which is commonly attributed to vacuuming processes. Many miss the big selection of duties for which a vacuum sealer or vacuum drawer will also be used: Jars with jam, opened pesto or child meals let your self be so once more seal hermetic; a particular hose attachment may even "Cork" wine hermetic. Soups and sauces will be packed within the vacuum bag "cooked“Through which the components step by step combine collectively beneath the mild provide of warmth and produce a sauce – for instance with the flowery one hollandaise saucewhich is a headache for a lot of novice cooks in a easy pot and burns accordingly shortly.

That too Marinating fish and meat for a summer season barbecue or in preparation for one more cooking course of, the vacuum drawer is splendidly simple to implement: the components are together with herbs and spices, aromatically linked.

Vacuuming food is just one of the features of this drawer. This means that even opened jars and bottles can be hermetically sealed again in no time at all. (Photo: Miele)

Vacuuming meals is simply one of many options of this drawer. Because of this even opened jars and bottles will be hermetically sealed once more very quickly in any respect. (Photograph: Miele)

Causes to hoover seal meals: protect nutritional vitamins, scale back waste, eat shortly

However again to the market entry of our article. Who ever given the overwhelming abundance of meals If in case you have purchased or harvested an excessive amount of, extra meals will be vacuum-sealed, i.e. packaged hermetic and thus to protect for a very long time. A distinction is made between strong meals like meat or complete dishes which are comparatively strongly vacuumized to stop a doable freezer burn, and delicate meals like berries, liquids and greens that solely barely vacuumized and even simply sealed.

There are numerous causes for having meals vacuum sealed: with the assistance of longer shelf life to stop meals waste, receives useful nutritional vitamins and vitamins within the product and might later within the 12 months – when the seasonal harvest time for fruit and greens is over – on the vacuumized and frozen components To fall again on. Research have impressively confirmed that vegatables and fruits which are frozen instantly after harvest include simply as many minerals as freshly bought and ready merchandise.

The advantage of having food vacuum sealed is primarily how it can be preserved: Vitamins, nutrients, appearance and structure of the food are almost completely preserved. (Photo: Neff)

The benefit of getting meals vacuum sealed is primarily how it may be preserved: Nutritional vitamins, vitamins, look and construction of the meals are nearly utterly preserved. (Photograph: Neff)

Suggestions for vacuuming and freezing meals: not the whole lot is appropriate

On the The method of freezing and preserving there are some tricks to look out for. What is for certain is that one Vacuum drawer This makes these processes a lot simpler and invitations you to work flexibly within the kitchen. Mainly you need to fairly Freeze small quantities of vacuumized meals, e.g. what you handle to eat whenever you take away it – meals that has been thawed shouldn’t be frozen a second time, as this may have an effect on vitamins and consistency. Since a vacuum drawer considerably reduces the dimensions of a freezer bag, a number of baggage aspect by aspect which are securely and airtightly closed.

Whereas one Meat, fish, bread, baked items and prepared meals can vacuum seal and freeze with out hesitation and with out earlier work, watch out with extremely watery and delicate meals required. Cucumbers, lettuce and radishes are only for instance because of their excessive water content material muddy and will not be appropriate for freezing. With yoghurt, mayonnaise or egg merchandise, however, warning is suggested if there’s nonetheless oxygen within the bag – freezing would eventually result in spoilage.

Different, predominantly agency greens (Cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi), it’s best to not vacuumize them till they’ve briefly blanched in boiling water beforehand after which quenched – the chilly water ensures that nutritional vitamins and flavors in addition to the infamous gases of the greens now not escape. Earlier than you possibly can vacuum seal the meals, you need to Dabbed dry if doable and lower into small items change into.

However don't fear: widespread meals similar to zucchini, peppers, aubergines, mushrooms or varieties of fruit similar to apples, berries and rhubarb can be utilized Shut hermetic and vacuum seal in subsequent to no time with out nice upfront effort or considerations.

Fresh, soft berries should best be flash-frozen briefly before vacuuming: this prevents the resulting pressure from crushing the tender food. (Photo: Miele)

Recent, mushy berries ought to greatest be flash-frozen briefly earlier than vacuuming: this prevents the ensuing stress from crushing the tender meals. (Photograph: Miele)

Why vacuum seal meals earlier than freezing?

Mainly, the quite a few achievements of the market stall can after all Freeze even and not using a vacuum sealer. Nevertheless, the mild extraction of air ensures that the subsequently frozen meals doesn’t get freezer burn and change into inedible as a result of chilly that has penetrated. Vacuum-sealed meals retain their look and style; this isn’t the case with freezing, drying or canning.

Many meals which have additionally been vacuumized earlier than freezing even double their shelf life within the freezer: If fruits, greens and meat will be frozen for 6-Eight months, if they’re vacuum-sealed they will even be saved for 24-36 months. Even dairy merchandise with a frozen shelf lifetime of 2-Three months will be saved for 12-24 months.

As well as, anybody who has had meals vacuum sealed up to now can after a fast meal if vital or a sure ingredient: the meals stays within the hermetic sealed bag and will be put within the oven or saucepan with the identical after defrosting beneath low temperature provide be ready.

Final however not least, the aroma performs a serious position for anybody who needs to hoover seal meals. Taste-intensive merchandise similar to cheese lose their style as a dairy product by pure freezing. When vacuumed, nonetheless, the cheese will keep contemporary for a lot of weeks.

Surprising: vacuum-packed food is not only suitable for processing while cooking and baking in a way that preserves the aroma, but also has a longer shelf life when frozen! (Photo: V-ZUG)

Shocking: vacuum-packed meals shouldn’t be solely appropriate for processing whereas cooking and baking in a means that preserves the aroma, but additionally has an extended shelf life when frozen! (Photograph: V-ZUG)

Vacuum meals with the next producer's units

Practically all well-known producers of kitchen home equipment personal drawers in this system with which Vacuum jars, bottles and meals to let. These can normally be present in catalogs and on-line boards beneath the time period “oven”, as vacuum drawers are sometimes included immediately beneath the oven put in at chest top. An aesthetically designed, parallel system cupboard wall outcomes when there’s a steam oven subsequent to the oven and subsequent to the Vacuum drawer a warming drawer is used.

Gaggenau, V-ZUG, Miele, Siemens and Bosch hold vacuum drawers prepared, the outside of which is as inconspicuous aperture is harmoniously built-in into the design of the oven. With a further slip-on tube, bottles will be closed once more along with portioned meals and glasses.

Inquire about the use of a vacuum drawer in your kitchen planning: as a rule, the device fits elegantly into any kitchen front as a simple panel. (Photo: Gaggenau)

Inquire about using a vacuum drawer in your kitchen planning: as a rule, the system matches elegantly into any kitchen entrance as a easy panel. (Photograph: Gaggenau)

>> Let your self within the studio on website (Studio search) advise on vacuuming drawers. A cooking demonstration exhibits you ways simple and problem-free it’s to work with the system – and the way fragrant a subsequent preparation within the Sous-Vide cooker tastes.

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