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Ideal Sleep Time

What is sleep and why should we sleep?

Sleep is a compulsory measure for people to continue their lives. Sleeping means looking after and resting our bodies. Sleep increases our energy, increases our quality of life and allows us to concentrate.

What happens when our sleep pattern breaks?

If we do not sleep for a long time, every organ in our body is affected by this condition. My immune system is disturbed, we have difficulty concentrating, our appetite is rising, we have a headache and dizziness starts. In conclusion, sleep is a protective layer against all the problems that can occur in our body. When there is no sleep, we are weaker.

How many hours a day should we sleep for an ideal sleep?

For every age, the body needs a lot of sleep needs, a 60-year-old man with a newborn baby is very different from the sleep needs.

The ideal sleeping time for babies from 0 to 5 months is 13 to 15 hours. You should not sleep for more than 18 hours.

The ideal sleeping time for babies between 5 and 12 months is 12 to 14 hours.

It is recommended to have 11 hours at the age of 1-2 years.

For children from 3 to 5 years, 10 to 11 hours are recommended.

Children between 6 and 13 years are recommended to sleep for at least 8 hours. Ideally, it should sleep for 9-10 hours.

For 14-17 years the ideal sleeping time is recommended with 8-9 hours.

The ideal sleeping time between 18 and 25 years is recommended with 7-8 hours.

For persons over 55, it is advisable not to fall below 5 hours for at least 5 hours. It is not recommended to sleep for more than 10 hours.

What is the ideal sleep time for an efficient sleep? What time should we sleep?

Proper sleep hours are the most important element for an ideal sleep. When we sleep, the excreted melatonin hormone has a biological time and conditions. The hormone melatonin is secreted in low light and at night between 23:00 and 05:00. Therefore, we need to sleep for our sleep to be functional and productive, with a dark environment and ideal sleep time from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am.

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