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Important documents for the loan application

By submitting the application, the potential borrower agrees that the bank obtains further information about him from a credit agency, such as the Schufa.

In addition to the Schufa information, however, the bank needs further documents in order to check the accuracy of the information from the application process. In addition to a copy of the identity card or passport, the documents include a truthful self-report in which, among other things, information on rental expenses, health insurance costs and alimony payments must be made.

In order for the credit institution to draw up a revenue and expenditure account for the borrower, the salary statements and account statements must also be sent to the bank together with the loan application. How far the salary statements and bank statements have to go back varies from bank to bank. If the loan is requested by two borrowers, they must both send the requested documents together with the loan application to the bank.

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