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Innovative, painless wound healing: “As if ants were crawling around”

According to the Federal Association of Medical Technology, around 900,000 people in Germany are receiving medical treatment because they suffer from a wound that does not close over a long period of time. A well-tolerated and at the same time effective treatment was difficult for a long time. Now it can be done quickly and reliably using an innovative method, namely through the use of so-called cold plasma.

Dr. Reginald Weiß, chief physician at the Angiology Clinic at the Bad Berka Central Clinic, is very familiar with the therapy. “With the use of cold plasma we manage to reduce 99.9 percent of harmful germs,” ​​says the expert in an interview with the RHÖN health blog. In addition, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue layers can be improved, cell division can be stimulated, blood circulation stimulated and wound healing activated.

But how exactly does the treatment work? “The cold plasma is produced with noble gas, for example argon,” explains Dr. White. The term “plasma” refers to the so-called fourth physical state, which exists alongside “solid”, “liquid” and “gaseous”. And this is exactly what the gas takes on by adding energy. Because no heat is generated, the term “cold plasma” has established itself in medicine. The cold plasma particles, consisting of electrons and ions, are then applied to the affected wound, and the patient’s tissue is then stimulated.

A particular argument in favor of this therapy is that the treatment is painless. A fact that is understandably common in the patients of Dr. White goes down well in the clinic:

“Patients find the whole procedure very pleasant. It’s like ants crawling around on the wound. “

Until now, therapies for chronic wound healing disorders have often been associated with long hospital stays. This has now come to an end, because the radiation treatment per wound area only takes about two minutes, as Dr. Weiß explains: “Thanks to the rapid application, we can shorten our patients’ hospital stays and improve wound healing. This enables them to leave the clinic more quickly. “

Another major advantage that speaks in favor of using cold plasma: It also works against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and it also attacks viruses and fungi. “Germs are killed off so quickly that they can no longer be detected after minutes,” explains the chief physician. “It is important to mention that we do not generate any resistance to germs with cold plasma therapy. That’s a big advantage. In addition, we do not experience any chemical reactions because the treatment is purely physical. “

An open leg or wound healing disorders after bypass operations are two of the main areas of treatment at the Central Clinic Bad Berka, which the experts working with Dr. Target white with the help of cold plasma therapy. “But we can also treat classic acne well with it when the dermatologist doesn’t know what to do next,” says the expert.

Your expert for vascular diseases and wound healing disorders:
Dr. Reginald White
Head of the Angiology Clinic at the Bad Berka Central Clinic

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