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Internet via satellite

If you do not have a DSL or cable connection, you do not necessarily have to do without high-speed Internet. Also via satellite fast internet and optimal data transfer are possible. We explain how exactly the satellite Internet works and give tips for the right tariff.

Satellite Internet – how it works:

In principle, you get the Internet access as well as the television program via satellite: You receive the data through your satellite dish, these are passed on to the respective device, in this case the computer.

Do you live in a rural area without broadband or you do not want a classic DSL or cable connection? Then the satellite internet is a good, but a bit more expensive alternative. If you would like to use a radio connection to a satellite in space for your Internet, you will need a special satellite dish. This has a diameter of 77 centimeters and is placed or attached in south-facing at the residence. So that the satellite system always receives signal and so an optimal data transfer can be guaranteed, a clear view of the sky must be available.

If the satellite system is installed, you only need to connect it to the power – you can go online with high speed. Satellite Internet usually allows download up to 22 megabits per second, upload up to 6 megabits. However, the speed is throttled as soon as the monthly data volume is used up. In addition, the bandwidth is limited and all users of a satellite transponder must share it. If many users are online and active at the same time, the data rate is likely to drop. The enormous distance between earth and satellite can lead to small delays in real-time services or online gaming.

Book the appropriate rate

If you would like to receive internet via satellite, you must first contact an appropriate provider. When looking for such, it can be worthwhile to take a closer look: Some guarantee every customer a minimum bandwidth even at peak times, for example, or allow surfing without volume consumption between 24 and 6 o’clock – this is very convenient to download and often.

If you want to avoid broadband restrictions by throttling data volumes, you should book a suitable data plan. With various free PC programs, you can quickly and easily determine your data usage. For example, the NetSpeedMonitor for Windows program gives you some useful information about the Internet connection. With an app you can measure your download volume from your smartphone or tablet. After a month, add all the data and look for a satellite internet plan that covers at least the required amount of data. Compare in advance the various providers and tariffs: How to find the best offer for you.

What is satellite internet?

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