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LEICHT Avance Griffeless putty, matt varnish, walnut from Kelzenberg

Unique value: € 35,999 / Sale: € 60.248 (together with gear)


Island: Avance Matt Lacquer. FS colour firn

Rinsing traces: Contino actual wooden Topos walnut / spatula concrete Live performance colour brasilia

Tall unit row: Contino trowel concrete Live performance colour brasilia



Counter tops:

Painted glass

Greywacke Traditional

Counter prime:

Producer Janua

Walnut with tree edge

The home equipment of the LEICHT Avance putty, matt varnish, walnut sale kitchen

Dishwasher Miele

Fridge Miele

Steamer Miele

Oven Miele

Warming drawer Miele

Hob Bora 2 x

Hob extraction Bora

All power effectivity info at:

Rinse System:

Becoming: Blancovonda Management

Basin: Blancoandano

Glass Again:

Lacquered with built-in display screen

Dimensions of the kitchen sink gentle concrete, walnut of Kelzenberg


HBT 93.5 x 283 x 117 cm

Rinse line:

HBT 199 x 306 x 60 cm (with worktop peak 100 cm)

Tall unit run:

HBT 227 x 243.2 x 60 cm


Kelzenberg amenities

Chapel Road 48
52355 Düren

Tel .: + 49 (0) 24 21 – 62 0 51



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