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The lighting planning for a children's room should already be done during pregnancy

For the right one Light planning in the nursery Parents-to-be look for and find useful tips and information in the WorldWideWeb, but also in the local specialist shop, the seller is happy to advise you on the selection of the right ceiling lights and light dispensers. Mothers and fathers buy lamps and table lamps online in the numerous shops that now populate the Internet. Given the large selection, and taking into account helpful tips for the Light planning in the nursery, the young family will quickly find what they are looking for. For more brightness in baby’s kingdom!

Tips for lighting planning in the nursery

A simple lamp, attached to the middle of the ceiling, is by no means sufficient to optimally illuminate a children’s room. For light planning in the children’s room, parents trustingly turn to the experts in the specialist shop, but you can also get a wealth of helpful tips online that shed light on the right lighting in the baby’s room:

  • Indirect light is placed above the changing table, which does not blind babies’ sensitive eyes.
  • Floor lamps, for example in the quiet corner, give off a warm light that contributes to calming down.
  • Energy-saving lamps help to save money, even if they are significantly more expensive to buy than normal lightbulbs.
  • Dimmable lamps are very practical when evening falls and the children’s room is quiet.
  • A night light drives away the shadows in the dark and keeps the monsters that live under the bed at bay.
  • Later, when the little bookworms browse through exciting books well into the night, a bedside lamp that does not heat up makes sense.
  • A very good lamp that offers enough brightness is required for the study area at the desk.
  • Bright spotlights disturb sensitive children’s eyes and cast uncomfortable shadows. Indirect ceiling lights that spread warm light perfectly illuminate the play area.

Lights off while sleeping!

The bad habit of letting the baby and toddler sleep with the lights on is on the one hand ecologically questionable, but it also has a negative effect on the child’s health. Up to the age of two, children sleep best only in the dark. The artificial permanent light can lead to myopia in later years, as the Green Cross in Marburg knows. Around a third of the children who fell asleep with only light in earlier years complained of problems with their eyes in adulthood. A salt crystal lamp is a good alternative for the night and offers a pleasant twilight. Thoughts about the right lighting planning in the nursery are a sensible investment in the baby’s health and always pay off.

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