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Losing weight after pregnancy: 7 tips against the baby pounds

Five months after birth – and you’re miles away from the pre-baby body? No need to panic: losing weight after pregnancy takes time.

Gertenschlank pranced Heidi Klum just a few weeks after the birth of her fourth child on the catwalks – clearly that newly moms get a completely wrong idea of ​​how fast the slimming after pregnancy works.

In fact, the 13 kilos or more gained during pregnancy do not go away by themselves. If you do not want them, the body needs a little fat pad to keep your mom and baby well supplied with all the nutrients. This is especially true when breastfeeding.

A diet in the first weeks after birth is therefore out of the question. Nevertheless, there are ways and means to get rid of the extra kilos slowly but surely. Diet, Exercise and the Right Organization … We’ll tell you here how to lose weight after pregnancy.

Weight loss after birth: With these tips succeeds

A positive message in advance: Shortly after birth, the newly minted mother is about six pounds lighter. This weight loss results from the weight of the child, along with amniotic fluid, placenta and blood. The remaining pounds unfortunately do not disappear quite so fast.

For the most part, this is because the body has already set up emergency reserves for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is quite a draining affair for a mom. The body ensures that she and the child are supplied with all the important nutrients.

Breastfeeding lets the baby pounds tumble

Breastfeeding is a miracle cure when losing weight after pregnancy. Every day, the mom has an additional calorie requirement of about 400 to 500 kcal. This means that you can eat normally and gradually lose weight all by yourself. But if you breastfeed, you should not crash diet or starve.

Your self and the baby will not be supplied with all nutrients. In addition, the body attacks the fat reserves. In itself perfect, but in the fat cells pollutants are involved. These are released when the body goes to the fat reserves and pass through the breast milk into the body of the baby.

How fast weight loss after pregnancy works is very different from woman to woman. On average, you should expect a good nine months, until you have your old weight again. And even then it may well be that the stomach is not quite as taut as before pregnancy.

Maybe during your pregnancy, as with many women, the famous stretch marks on your stomach appeared. Also there it says: Do not panic. There are various methods to remove the unwanted stretch marks.

Here are the 7 best tips for losing weight after pregnancy:

1.Do not get stressed

No one expects a new mum to get rid of all baby pounds just weeks or months after giving birth. During the 9-month pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body has undergone many important changes. It is only natural that you do not immediately find your way back to your body in the first weeks after delivery. So: no stress! Do not set too high goals, but rather enjoy the young and enjoy the first months with the baby.

2.Pay attention to regular meals

A baby turns your life upside down. Getting a routine is difficult. Many mums eat very irregularly and above all things that go fast and fill you up. This often means plenty of unnecessary calories. In addition, this not exactly healthy diet of the young mother does not necessarily help to be prepared for the stress of everyday life with baby.

If you want to speed up the weight loss after pregnancy, you should first structure your meals better. You rarely suffer from food cravings when you eat three large and two small meals.

3.Cook yourself as often as possible

Ready meals, sweets, cakes or sandwiches: all this goes fast and is therefore eaten by many mums like. However, there are some extra calories in these foods. Make it easier to lose weight after pregnancy and try to cook yourself as often as possible.

That’s hard, because most of the time and energy is missing. Still, take your time, harness your partner, and then cook quick, simple dishes in larger portions that you just have to freeze. Here are some ideas for simple, fast recipes.

4.Do not constantly snack in between

If you are breastfeeding, you can eat more than 500 kcal a day. Many mums like to use chocolate bars and Co. as a snack in between. Curb that if you want to get rid of your baby pounds. Often the calorie content of small bars is underestimated. Look at the nutritional information! Eat healthy snacks such as natural yoghurt with fruit, vegetable sticks or a sandwich.

5.Move regularly

Very few mothers have time to go to sports. You do not even have to run to the gym if you want to speed up weight loss after pregnancy. Begins with a recovery course around six weeks after birth. This is important for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Ask your doctor or midwife if you are ready for sports. Otherwise pay attention to sufficient exercise in everyday life.

Take longer walks every day. If the baby is a bit older and you feel like doing sports, you should find time windows together with your partner in which you can jog or go to the gym. By the way, there are also DVDs or workouts from the internet that you can do anytime in the living room in front of a TV or PC when the baby is sleeping. Or you include your little one in the exercises. Here are some great exercises to work on the abdominals.

6.Create free space to relax

The child finally sleeps: Now it is cleaned, washed, tidied up … Of course you want to use this time, but just sit on the couch. Stress is poison if you want to lose weight. If there are always stress hormones in the body, more fat is stored on the stomach – and that’s what you really want to get rid of.

Because of this, take regular breaks and time just for you. Come down, relax. Then the pounds disappear by themselves.

Sport, nutrition, relaxation … that takes you too long? In the meantime, some cool styling tricks can help you hide your stomach! You will see: This immediately makes you feel worlds better!

7.Try to get as much sleep as possible

Sweets provide fast energy: that is why they are especially eaten when you are tired. Many new moms eat a lot of sweets – and find it hard to lose weight after pregnancy. Best not have any large supplies at home, that helps.

More importantly, try to get as much sleep as possible. This is difficult with a baby – no question. But try to sleep with the child as often as possible. It does not matter if the housework remains for it.

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