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Make the world a better place with SNYCE toilet paper


How can one manage to make the world more beautiful with an everyday item like toilet paper? This is certainly not only due to the optics – which is also very important at SNYCE. Because for a more beautiful world, it is above all important that we protect it and its resources. And that’s exactly what SNYCE has set itself to do with its toilet paper.

For a more beautiful world, we have to protect it and its resources. This is exactly what SNYCE has set itself to do with its sustainable toilet paper.

In addition to saving important resources such as water, wood and energy, the avoidance of plastic waste is a concern of the two founders of SNYCE. Both the packaging and the 3-ply toilet paper itself are made from 100% recycled paper Made in Germany. The rolls are produced in Germany by the WEPA Group, the packaging comes from a regional manufacturer. This avoids unnecessary transport routes and saves CO2.

Another special feature of the sustainable toilet paper from SNYCE is that it is now equipped with 240 sheets instead of the conventional 150 sheets per roll. This makes it much more durable and saves additional resources.

Anyone who cares about optics in the bathroom will enjoy the special designs from SNYCE.

There are five individual SNYCE prints for design lovers, for which the colors are completely water-based and free of mineral oil and emissions. Each role brings a very special look into the bathroom at home and tells its own story.

Because I am particularly interested in the story behind the family business, I held an interview with the two founders of SNYCE about their special product.

Why should an everyday product like toilet paper be revolutionized?

We have been pursuing the idea of ​​running a sustainable household for a long time, and we have become even more aware of this since the birth of our son. Because we are all responsible for the planet and with our consumer behavior we can make an important contribution to preserving the earth as a home for all future generations. So we asked ourselves which area in life creates a lot of unnecessary plastic waste and the bathroom came into focus very quickly, actually directly followed by the kitchen. At that moment, toilet paper was something where we could move two levers towards sustainability with recycling and plastic-free packaging.

To protect the environment? Nice! Fresh design? Nice too!

How did the idea for SNYCE come about and what does the name mean?

The name “SNYCE” arose from the question of what we actually are and what we stand for. To protect the environment? Nice! Fresh design? Nice too! So it wasn’t superlatives that we wanted to use to describe ourselves, but rather “It’s nice” shortened to SNYCE. We chose the Y because the name sounds like that phonetically and is therefore even more memorable.

What hurdles did you face during the development?

The biggest hurdle for us was definitely our packaging. The combination of sustainability and upcycling presented us with challenges that we had never seen before. In particular, plastic-free packaging that can also be upcycled into a roll dispenser was a real challenge. We have probably created the greatest innovation here and have received the Red Dot Award in the field of packaging design for this.

91% of plastic waste is not recycled and therefore unfortunately ends up in our environment

What makes SNYCE more sustainable compared to other sustainable toilet paper?

The focus here is definitely on not using plastic, because 91% of plastic waste is not recycled and therefore unfortunately ends up in our environment. Therefore, biodegradable recycling packaging is better for the environment than a film that is likely to end up in the environment anyway. This will then be found as microplastic in nature and again in our bodies and the bodies of our children in up to 500 years. The fact that microplastics were recently found for the first time in the human placenta and also in the Mariana Trench shows that just doing without plastic is the best solution! We also have other projects such as the reforestation of native forests in Cooperation with local foresters as well as the support of “Die Tafeln”, where we pass on rejects to those who need support from us as a society.

It is not for nothing that SNYCE has been awarded the “Blue Angel”.

Why do you think design is important in sustainable toilet paper?

Our mission: “To make the world and the bathroom more beautiful” is what we combine with fun and aesthetics. That is why printing is an important feature for us for a sustainable and at the same time colorful future. For us, it is important to create an attractive alternative to fresh fiber paper, instead of coupling the idea of ​​renouncing to sustainability.
Our printing inks are water-based and free from mineral oils. SNYCE toilet paper is bleached chlorine-free. It’s not for nothing that we have been awarded the “Blue Angel”, which certifies sustainable products only under the strictest criteria. The difference to unprinted paper is therefore negligible in terms of sustainability.

Where should the journey with SNYCE go?

We still have a lot in the pipeline. We are celebrating our first birthday in May this year, which makes us very proud. Of course we will continue to plant little trees and this year we want to bring our stylish kitchen roll onto the market, because the mission is expanding. We not only want to make your bathroom but also your home and the world more beautiful and sustainable. The next goals for the first year are, on the one hand, to start our subscription model and to supply other non-packaging shops and retailers.

Do you think that other suppliers of toilet paper will also continue to rethink and are you in contact with which ones to ensure more sustainability in this area?

Yes, that would be great for everyone! We are in a lively exchange with other startups and have already connected with Goldeimer to talk about possibilities of what positive impact we can all offer our society together.

Thank you very much for answering my questions. If you would like to test the toilet paper from SNYCE, you will get a 10% discount on your first order with my code BINASNYCE10.

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