Country kitchen: Cooking with a touch of nostalgia


For a long time the country kitchen had a niche existence as it was considered old-fashioned. The attributed “rustic” attribute suggests that country style kitchens and modern living would be incompatible. But this assumption has changed dramatically in recent times.

Young, contemporary country kitchens, planned with modern materials and equipped with the latest high-tech appliances have proven that the country house style is more relevant than ever. The key factor for many buyers is the comfort and warmth that these kitchens radiate. This is still the case in modern versions. This creates a cozy retreat with the modern country kitchen, where you can wonderfully recover from everyday stress.

Why are country kitchen kitchens so popular?

Our lives are getting faster, hectic and stressful. Not only at work, but also privately, you should be constantly available and informed in real time. No wonder that many people long for a place that invites you to relax. One of the most popular places to get such a place is the country-style kitchen. Alone through the comfort that radiates, we come to rest.

The playful fronts of this modern country house kitchen hide the latest generation of electrical appliances.

Especially young people who buy their first own kitchen, are interested in the country house style. Often, they grew up with modern, very unfussy kitchens and now they want a bit more cosiness. But that does not mean that they want to do without state-of-the-art technology. That’s not necessary either: From a modern country kitchen , as well as from their handleless design counterpart, a Smart Kitchen with all the refinements can be made.

What distinguishes a modern country kitchen?

  • Natural materials create a warm atmosphere
  • Perfect combination of tradition and modernity
  • Different versions despite the same style
  • Highly functional and very comfortable

Country kitchen kitchens: The styles at a glance

Villa is not the same country house. For several years, various country house styles from all over the world have also found their way into kitchens.

Mediterranean country kitchen

Mediterranean country kitchens are often furnished with light pastel shades, natural stone floors and family-friendly amenities with a large dining table. Together with the corresponding accessories such as mosaics, painted herb pots or woven baskets creates a typical lifestyle, which is otherwise known only from the holiday. Walls with masonry, stone or tiles fit perfectly with the Mediterranean flair.

Mediterranean country kitchen

English country kitchen

Even English country kitchens enjoy ever greater popularity. As kitchens often have to be accommodated in small rooms in England, this style is characterized above all by the efficient use of the existing space. Classically, English kitchens were white or cream, but in the modern version, your imagination has no limits when it comes to color choices. Characteristic are also fittings in retro-look made of bronze, copper or gold, as well as knobs made of different materials.

English country kitchen

American country kitchen

In contrast to English kitchens, American country kitchens are usually in rooms with plenty of space. So it is no wonder that often a freestanding cooking island or a counter is the central element of the kitchen. Also found here patch sinks or sinks made of ceramic. A special feature in the American country house is the Butcher Block, a square wooden table that was originally used in meat processing butchers. Today, the practical table for preparing various dishes in private kitchens collection.

American country kitchen

Scandinavian country kitchen

Also widely used are Scandinavian country kitchens , where clean lines in white and gray tones dominate. Whether you choose the fronts in high gloss, matt or combined with wood, it is up to you. In general, the Scandinavian style is simpler than the other country house styles, which is reflected in the cassette fronts. These are kept minimalist. Even decorative elements play a minor role, giving the kitchen a timeless look.

Scandinavian country kitchen

These four country house styles are most common in Germany. The limits of the individual design of your country house kitchen but sets, also thanks to the rich offer of manufacturers, only your imagination.

Tips for planning your country kitchen

If you are thinking of buying a country-style kitchen, it is important to remember that the focus of these kitchens is family living. So much space for a spacious dining area should ideally be available. If the floor plan does not allow a large American-style kitchen with island or Butcher Block, you can choose the Scandinavian or English country house style. There, the kitchens are traditionally smaller, but that does not mean that you have to do without a seat. The dining area is then either integrated into the kitchen or outsourced to another room.

The smaller the kitchen, the more important is sufficient brightness. Bright colors and, if there is a lack of natural light, a well thought-out lighting concept are therefore highly recommended. Otherwise, the room seems less comfortable but rather cramped. This is particularly true for fronts with cassettes, which greatly structure the kitchen cabinets. However, this is just a recommendation. There are also consumers who appreciate this restriction as particularly homely. You should therefore be in the kitchen studio of your choice to show the different possibilities of country cottages exactly.

Advantages and disadvantages of country house kitchens

The biggest advantage and the most important argument for buying country house kitchens is certainly the unique atmosphere that such kitchens create. In combination with modern kitchen technology creates a space that is inferior to other kitchens in terms of functionality and still spreads pure comfort.

The disadvantage is that, depending on the material used, possibly higher effort in the care arises because wood and stone surfaces must be impregnated at regular intervals.


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