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Modern kitchens: Much more than just puristic design

A simple, puristic design, clean lines and high-quality materials – this is what characterizes the modern kitchen . The trend is for natural materials such as wood, but also glass, concrete or even leather are used. The modern kitchen is complemented by electrical appliances, which can be networked together on request. Your kitchen becomes a “Smart Kitchen“. You want your dishwasher to send you a message on your mobile when it’s done? You want to check in the supermarket, if there is enough milk left in the fridge? All this is no longer a dream of the future.

In the modern kitchen functionality and design are not mutually exclusive . Behind the unfussy fa├žade are devices and accessories that enable kitchen work at the highest level. Routine tasks such as rinsing or tidying up are made easier so that you can devote yourself to the fun of cooking. Sophisticated storage solutions create more space for supplies and contribute to a tidy overall impression. A modern kitchen does not have to be sober and sterile, but can be the tasteful and busy center of family life.

Modern kitchens offer a variety of design options

Different fronts in different colors and materials make it possible to design your kitchen according to your individual wishes. Whether plastic or glass, wood or lacquer is left to personal taste. The modern kitchen is also often a combination of different materials . For example, individual elements made of stainless steel or copper can achieve attractive effects.

Black and white are timeless colors and characterize this modern kitchen. The matt lacquer further enhances the monochrome effect.
Black and white are timeless colors and characterize this modern kitchen. The matt lacquer further enhances the monochrome effect.

When it comes to colors, the trend towards white in various shades is unbroken in modern kitchens. Even with natural, warm tones such as brown or terracotta, a harmonious picture can be created. Deliberate splashes of color and sophisticated lighting solutions loosen up the simple design and create a pleasant atmosphere. Dark shades create interesting accents as contrast and are especially suitable for larger kitchens.

The growing popularity of Gray kitchen color is unmistakable , with all shades ranging from a light, pale, silky gray to very powerful, dark tones.

With the worktops, models made of real wood or natural stone lend the modern kitchen a rustic touch and create a delightful contrast to the clean surfaces. In general, there is a tendency for thinner worktops , often made of glass or stainless steel.

Handleless kitchens are trendy

In order to make the fronts fully effective, handles are often dispensed with in the modern kitchen. Cabinets and pull-outs can be opened by lightly tapping or hidden recessed grips . As a result, the fronts look elegant and straightforward, but with handle-less kitchens, the maintenance effort increases a bit.

A feature of the modern kitchen is that it opens more and more to the rest of the living space. Kitchen furniture hardly differ in design from living room cabinets or shelves. The open kitchen becomes a meeting place for the whole family and also with guests in the kitchen is eaten and celebrated.

Tips on ergonomics in the kitchen

When planning the kitchen, not only the look but also the daily handling should be kept in view. So ergonomic aspects play a big role. Electrical appliances and sinks are now installed at a height that enables back-friendly working.

Countertops can be adjusted in height so that all family members can chop vegetables and roll out dough in a comfortable position. This will ensure that you will enjoy your kitchen for a long time. In modern kitchen studios, you can determine the optimum worktop height. The elbow height is measured, which is the most important factor for comfortable working. It is also important that the routes are kept as short as possible.

Appliances in the modern kitchen

Cooker, extractor fan, dishwasher – these appliances can be found today in almost every kitchen. New-generation ovens are significantly more versatile than their predecessors and can, for example, be sous-vide-cooked or have an integrated microwave or steamer.

In design, they are either subtle or elegant – or they disappear behind the kitchen fronts. In the extractor hoods are found in the modern kitchen often models with downdraft. Steam and odors are sucked directly down here, so they can not be distributed in the kitchen.

The digitization progresses in the kitchen constantly ahead and facilitates cooking with numerous intelligent assistance functions. All major manufacturers now offer devices that can be networked and operated by app.

You want a modern kitchen? Our competent kitchen professionals will advise you in all matters from design to functionality to the care of your new kitchen. Together we realize your ideas, so that your dream of an individual, modern kitchen becomes reality.

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